Antigravity – Yahoo


    This is to announce the creation of a new online Research Group called ANTIGRAVITY ! While we have only just begun, the members have already begun to pour in. Our goal is to treat the subject in a scientific manner, using the scientific methods, to discover and build a Space Craft capable of out performing anything ever seen on Earth before.

   We have a number of topics already being debated on our forum, “Antigravity”, “Spheroid”, “Science or Speculation?”, “Designs and Imagery”, “Scientific Morality”. This last involves the Political abuse of science for Political reasons; as is currently in the news, as well as the potential moral problems of dangerous experimentation that could well spell doom for humanity.

     We are searching for a volunteer coordinator and someone to collate and distribute data as needed.Also in need of a moderator and research and data miner to seek out new data and discoveries in science to be reported back to the group and coordinator.

    We have special interests in Gravitational Effects in local environ, as well as superconductive effects on gravity, as well as micro-gravity concepts.Electrogravitational concepts will be investigated as well as collaberative efforts in Gravitational Propulsion theory with another group.We have interests in Space, Time, Energy, Gravity, and Mass, and the Inter Dimensional interactions between them all.

     Our Antigravity group is located at;