Are transistors Alien Technology?

HTML clipboardAre Transistors Alien technology? Did we inherit the arrival of the transistor
from a crashed UFO in 1947, Or was the transistor developed by our very own
people? This has caused many many long discussions, and still lingers as a part
of the unknown.


 We are grateful for our loyal poster Lorien who shares some of his
thoughts on this subject. He brings us a detailed timeline of the development of
Transistors. There may be technologies out there that have been taken from
Aliens, But when it comes down to transistors, It is safe to say, We deserve the
credit. Not those Skanky Aliens! (click “read more” to see the timeline)


 The Timeline Is Simple. It starts from Quantum mechanics basics, Right Up
To The Modern Day Transistor. All dates and statements show a steady production
targeted toward the final development of the transistor. I can not tell you if
this information is 100% authentic, I encourage You to evaluate this topic, and
Post your Opinion on the Message Board


 So here’s the time line. Click the links to open that section