Attempting To Project Your Astral Body Technique

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This is a technique that I found in a book on astral projection .


Focus on the object you want to effect with all your might to move the
object till you lose all awareness of your surroundings & merge with the
object. At this point only you & the object exist & you can move it as it was
just an extension of your body. The book says that just as you think about a
problem or other things in the back of your mind. This sort of visualization
can also be used for astral projection.

The book says not to do astral projection on a stormy day/night or a cold
day/night. there technique for astral projection is as follows.

Sit or lie in a comfortable chair/bed & go over your entire body in
thought. Focus on each inch of the body with all your might & will the double
( your astral self ) to detach itself at this point in time. Try to feel
not merely imagine the double detaching each point. After completing this
procedure, focus all your mental energy on the solar plexus or forehead & will
that your mind & double release from the body. You cannot just want this to
happen you must exercise an almost exhausting effort to will it.