August 11th, 2011 Tsunami Prediction

The Problem With Prophecies And How I Know

My name is Jay Essex.  Have you ever wondered where prophecies come from and why so many are wrong?  Some of them are made up by people wanting attention.  There are those with gifts who receive message from Souls or Spirit on The Other Side, Heaven, or what ever title you prefer.  There’s also a thing called The Akashic Records there.  It’s a living set of documents containing everything that has, is, and will happen and be said on this planet.  There’s also one for
the Universe but that’s for another article. 

With this information available, why are so many prophecies still incorrect either partially or completely?  It’s the same thing with individual divination.  These blessed people, helping others at little expense, receive their information from Spirit Guides, other Souls back home, or sometimes even Angels.  Very rarely, almost never, is prophecy direct from Mother or Father Creator.  This is where the accuracy issues often come from.  As many of you
are becoming aware, reincarnation is simply a fact.  All of you have to write your life plan with your Spirit Guide while on the other side and have it approved by the Council and finally Mother Creator, who is the feminine aspect of The One Creator, God, Source, or which ever name you prefer.  Once Mother approves it you’re in a baby waiting to be born. 

Anyway, there are billions of Souls and some Spirit here having lives.  We all start here with amnesia as to who we are and what we’re doing
here.  We inadvertently do things off our life schedule.  When this happens it affects many other lives.  Mother makes all the necessary changes to everyone’s lives to keep things moving along smoothly.  As this happens, some prophecies are either changed or deleted.  Another thing to consider is that none of us are always right.  We come here to learn.  How do you learn if you already know everything?  Another problem is that it can be difficult to understand the thought language that is used
when information is delivered from The Other Side.  Reception can be vague and difficult at times.  Some people have less problems than others.  This, in its short form, covers the first issue of the problem.  Now, how do I know any of this?  This is going to seem arrogant, but it’s not.  If it’s raining, it’s raining.  Because of what I am, I’m very self confident.  I’m not like you beautiful Souls.  I’m different than, not better than.  “Better than” is only relevant when applied to self for
personal improvement. 

We are all equal in The Creator’s eyes.  I am the focal point of an Essence.  There are over 6 billion Souls here now.  There are also those of Spirit having lives.  Spirit is an evolved Soul.  This is a big part of what 2012 is about.  Many of you are evolving.  You have no idea of how important and precious you are.  I’ve seen the evolution process.  It’s so beautiful, but that’s another article.  There will be a 35′ tsunami hitting the American Gulf Coast on August 11th
of this year, being 2011.  It will be 35′ where it hits Texas and 22′-23′ where it hits Louisiana.  This will actually happen because it came from Father Creator.  I made a legal statement about it long ago.  

I was told, I received my affirmations, I had a vision, and then I was allowed to go look at it.  I astral project past, present, future, and dimensional.  Wait until you hear about the slower dimensions here on Earth.  The wave is 35′ in front and only drops 3′ in the back of it.  It is
literally a raised portion of the ocean.  It will be devastating.  I’m sorry.  I have to ask for permission to travel anywhere.  I don’t have your same kind of free will.  When you’re doing what you want to do, with all your heart, free will doesn’t really come into play.   There are 27 of us here now with more coming later.  I’m the one that’s always sent in first and I’m told it’s time to start.  I want to tell you about so much, such as the seven words to protect you from the nastiest
darkness in Creation.  I deal with all of them. 

There is also the 2012 issue, the five Adams and Eves, the Realm of Fae, and much more.  If I could, just one more thing.  This will seem like a planted commercial but its not.  I do not lie,  I can error but I neither have desire nor allowance to lie.  I was sent to The Unexplainable Store’s website and when I saw the different options for CDs I asked Mother which ones She wanted me to buy.  She told me and I used my food and gas money to get
them.  I literally do what I’m told.  At first I felt the blood rushing around my head like a river.  At the same time my head felt very heavy.  I could feel the benefit within 3 seconds. 

I realize I’m different but I have to learn this to help all of you raise your Spirituality.  After August 11th it will be easier to believe what I say.  May We All Perceive And Appreciate Our Many Eternal Blessings. 

Jay Essex    I Serve, Protect, and Learn.