Australia’s Sea Floor Rising Rapidly

An incredible development has been discussed in recent days on internet forums spurred on by a mysterious occurrence coming from the sea floor just East of Australia.  According to survey data gathered from several sources, the floor of the ocean in the Pacific Islands is rising up at an estimated speed of about 12 feet per day.

Of course rumors are notoriously hasty in making the most sensational claims and throwing better judgment to the wind.  The first casualty of an interesting rumor is usually the truth.  But this rumor appears at first glance to be verifiable as it is based largely on measurements collected from official surveys.  And from what they’ve gathered, they make an interesting case that suggests the Pacific Ocean may one day disappear, and be replaced by a new landmass larger than China and Australia combined.

It all began when a survey buoy from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration started indicating that something was happening at station 55023. 

Normally the system only goes into “panic mode” when there is about to be a large tsunami caused by significant amounts of geological activity.  Of course since this happened during a series of Earthquakes in the area, those at the administration were not surprised.  The catch?  It started several days ago and still hasn’t stopped.  Some are suggesting the buoy may somehow be defective.  But that’s not the only piece of evidence suggesting something more may be going on beneath the sea.  Some have suggested this activity may be due to the massive amount of global warming causing a net increase in the amount of water on the Earth.  Of course this is actually the opposite of what should be happening.  Prior to April 13, the last survey to indicate the distance between the buoy and the sea floor to be 328 feet more than it is now.  More water should mean more distance between the buoy floating on the top of the ocean and the sea floor.  If the buoy is closer to the sea floor there can only be three causes.  Either the buoy is sinking (which it is not), there is a massive Tsunami the likes of which the Pacific ocean has never seen before that has remained unexplainably in one place for several days, or the sea floor is actually higher than it was a few weeks ago.  Another interesting side note: The buoys indicating this trend are no longer viewable to the public.  Either they have been shut down or are now operating in secret.

It’s no question that 2010 has been an incredible year for seismic activity. 
Between the various massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide, it’s clear the Earth is undergoing a transitional period with some impressive rapidity.  But what does this mean for those of us on the surface?  If a continent suddenly appeared in the Pacific ocean, it would have incredible effect on the rest of the world.  And this isn’t even taking into consideration the possibility for massive tsunamis coming out of the area.  What would this new world be like?  And what would we do with it?