Ayurveda Healing with Cat’s Eye

Originating from the gem mineral called chrysoberyl, cat’s eye is a gemstone that is linked to the planet Ketu , one of the nine significant components of Vedic astrology. Not only is the gemstone used to overcome issues associated with the planet, but also has a place in alternate healing. In this article, you will learn how to spot cat’s eye of good quality.

The Color of Cat’s Eye

Cat’s eye is an aluminate of beryllium and possesses traces of oxide of iron and chromium, which are responsible for giving it color. These components cause the gemstone to show hints of brown and green. There are three kinds of gems that chrysoberyl mineral produces: Alexandrite, Chrysolite, and Cat’s Eye.

You can find cat’s eye in black, yellow, white, and dark or smoky green. The only thing that all shades of the gemstone have in common is the band of light that moves across the stone. This is called the chatoyance. The best gem is considered one that has a white band of light.

Spotting Good Cat’s Eye

When looking for cat’s eye of good quality, there are a handful of characteristics to consider. High-quality cat’s eye is smooth and possesses a high specific gravity (meaning it is heavier than average stone of the same size).

Cat’s eye should also have three streaks of light, which are often compared to the sacred thread worn by Brahmins in India. Cat’s eye is named so because it shines like the eye of a cat in darkness, but does not shine when in total darkness.

Flawed Cat’s Eye

Cat’s eye with flaws is weakened in the power it possesses. A dull cat’s eye can actually hinder someone’s physical health and their personal wealth. Dull cat’s eye is not brilliant and has a flimsy shine. A crack inside of the gemstone means that injuries from weapons with sharp edges are possible. Cobwebs inside of cat’s eye causes harm as well and is symbolic of imprisonment. It is considered unfortunate to have cat’s eye that has five streaks or bands of light. Stomach diseases are linked to cat’s eye with dents or holes. If the gemstone is flat, the wearer will not receive any effect. If it’s uneven in shape, the gemstone is thought to be unlucky.

If you’re wondering if the cat’s eye you have is real, place it in a dark place and see if it shines like the eyes of a cat. Rubbing the gemstone against a cloth is supposed to increase its brilliance.

Cat’s Eye Powers

Wearing cat’s-eye is believed to increase physical strength, radiance, stamina, happiness, and wealth. It is also used to eliminate poverty and cure an illness. In medical circles, cat’s eye is believed to aid in treating skin diseases, leprosy, painful joints, diseases that attack the joints and nerves, excessive body heat, and anxiety.

Sources of High-Quality Cat’s Eyes

When looking for the best cat’s eye, seek out gemstones that come from India, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Brazil.