Ayurveda Healing with Rubies and Hessonite

When clear as crystal and transparent, the ruby is an attractive gemstone that people are attracted to because of its brilliance. Rubies are associated with the Sun and are believed to ward off the negative influences that come when the Sun is ill placed. In this article, you will learn the significance of the ruby and how to find a gem that is of good quality.

Colors of Rubies

Red is the basic color of the ruby , ranging in shades of crimson, scarlet red, pink, and even a slightly violet shade. It is a blend of iron and chromium that contributes to the red tint of the ruby. Rubies that are of the best quality display a delicate rose color, and are also smooth, transparent, brilliant, hard, and have a distinct luster.

Healing with Rubies

Ruby oxide used as a healing paste has been reported to help people battling impotence, blood loss, tuberculosis, indigestion, diabetes, and fevers that last longer than normal.

The Best Rubies

The majority of high-quality rubies come from mines in Burma, Kabul (Afghanistan), Tanganyika, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and South India.


Also known as Cinnamon Stone or Zircon, hessonite is a honey-colored gemstone associated with Rahu the planet (in Vedic astrology circles). Hessonite is a silicate of zirconium and is retrieved from igneous rocks. It’s actually slightly rare as a gemstone. However, with a bit of zircon, many different colors are found, including shades of red, yellow, orange, blue, green, and brown. However, keep in mind that hessonite that is blue, green or colorless white are not linked to Rahu.

High-Quality Hessonite

When choosing good hessonite, it is important to seek out a color that resembles the clear urine of a cow. The gemstone should be transparent, brilliant, and showing the same color throughout its composition. You can tell when you’ve happened upon hessonite of poor quality when it is dull, rough, flat, or fibrous. Holes and dents are also an indication that the hessonite is not of high quality. Check for black spots, which also take away from the quality of the gemstone. To distinguish real hessonite from an imposter, the real deal does not possess any concentric rings of air bubbles.

A good specimen of hessonite is full of purity and possesses a transparency that offers a gentle hue, luster, brilliance, and even color. These characteristics are thought to neutralize any evil effects pertaining to Rahu. Under the right conditions, hessonite can eliminate fear, clear the mind, and aid one’s spiritual journey.

Healing with Hessonite

Some people have used hessonite oxide paste to give the skin a healthier glow and to lengthen their overall life expectancy. Others have expected an improvement in their capacity to reason and think after using a paste consisting of hessonite oxide.

Key Sources of Hessonite

When looking for the best hessonite in the world, seek out gemstones that come from India, Burma, or Sri Lanka.