Ayurvedic Tonics: Exploring Rejuvenative Remedies

Throughout Indian tradition, rasayana karma offers remedies meant to rejuvenate the body and spirit. When taking these herbal treatments, a renewed sense of spirit should arise, as well as an enhanced sense of well being. It has been a belief within Indian tradition to view immortality through a continuation about the universe rather than being seen as an individual. Besides working against aging and the decay of the body, rejuvenating tonics are used to renew the mind, spirit, and body.


Many of the rejuvenative remedies are sweet to the taste, while others present a pungent, spicy or hot taste. This is to be expected as many turning towards this type of remedy are looking to heal what is known as a kapha ailment. According to Auyurvedic belief, it is thought to possess a high amount of what is called “soma,” which translates into magical nectar known to renew individuals from head to toe. Below are a few herbs to consider for this type of remedy, as well as how to use them:


Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)


Gotu Kola, which is also known as Indian pennywort is said to increase knowledge when taken. Out of all the Ayurvedic medicines, it is often considered one of the most important. Not only does it play a part in revamping brain activity and the nervous system, but also it helps to improve the memory. Its combative properties towards the natural aging process have also been noted. Additional properties for this herb include calming, clearing, and renewing powers.


It is the aerial parts of the Gotu Kola that is used in natural treatments, which have been known to perform the following actions: stimulates the immune system, stimulates the digestive system, sedates, acts as a laxative, cleanses, as well as cools fevers.


When using Gotu Kola, you should use up to one gram of powder per dose or when making an infusion ”“ ½ teaspoon per cup. The powder can be used to create a paste that is said to work wonders against the symptoms of eczema and skin sores.


The herb also works well with other herbs to solve a variety of health concerns. For instance, combine Gotu Kola with basil and a cooling treatment is made that eradicates the discomfort of food poisoning and fevers. When mixing with rosemary or wood botany as a tea, studying sessions are known to go over smoother. To combat the effects of nervous irritability and mental weakness, mix Gotu Kola with licorice.


As for cautions regarding this herb, individuals who are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy should refrain from its use.


There are many other rasayana tonics to consider when the occasion arises. The following herbs may also be considered to strengthen the rasa, which stands for the vital essence: aloe vera, Korean ginseng, myrrh, sesame, saw palmetto, wild yam, garlic, long pepper, and Solomon’s Seal.


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