Azealia Banks New Music Video Screams for Illuminati Attention

Perhaps the management for Harlem-native rapper Azealia Banks thought it would be nice to insert symbols associated with the Illuminati into her new “Yung Rapunxel” music video (complete with explicit lyrics) to create a buzz, and it certainly worked. The odd imagery, overall message, and symbolism throughout the video screams for the attention of Illuminati seekers ”“ some people described it as a ‘nightmare.’  To make matters more interesting, Banks has a connection to a well-known suspected Illuminati puppet in the music industry.

“Yung Rapunxel” is the first single from Banks’ debut studio album titled ‘Broke with Expensive Taste, which was released on April 16, 2013.  Just like Ke$ha, who has inserted the dollar sign into her stage name, Banks also goes by ‘Miss Bank$’ ”“ a pseudonym she embraced when she started releasing her music onto the Internet in early 2009. Before working with Universal Music, Banks formally belonged to XL, the same record label as Adele before a difference of opinion caused them to part ways.

“Yung Rapunxel” is an alter-ego that Banks adopted ”“ a reference she made of herself that paid homage to the long hair pieces she wore during her days working at Starbucks. In a Rolling Stones interview, she exclaimed that “Yung Rapunxel is that girl who pisses people off but doesn’t really mean to”¦. She’s actually a sweetheart! But people are so taken aback that she’s so herself; she’s not even trying to be unique or different. She literally just lives in her head; she does what she wants to do”¦.”

Oftentimes, alter-egos in the music industry are viewed as a sign of mind control or Illuminati puppeteerism. It’s usually mentioned in the same breath as controversial celebrities, such as Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga.

The music video for ‘Yung Rapunzel’ is being marketed as portraying the twisted and dark fantasies of the rapper. A great deal of disturbing imagery appears throughout, including a handful of nods to the Illuminati. We can break down some of the themes and symbols by taking a look at a few snapshots from the video.

At the start of the video, an owl flies from the ‘third eye’ from Banks. The following image not only makes a reference to mind control, but also incorporates single-eye symbolism as the red-eye is meant to stand out.  The rapper is then seen walking obliviously through a chaotic scene of running cops through a smoke-filled street.

Banks is then seen dancing in front of an all-too well known piece of imagery surrounded by flying owls. The image below shows Banks in front of what is clearly an ode to the illuminated pyramid with an all-seeing eye at the top. Owl symbolism is often described as ‘deep and intense’ ”“ it is a creature used to reference mysticism, insightfulness, wisdom, and protection.

Next, the rapper stands in front of a scene ”“ a large eye with curious symbolism inside, such as a spinning ying-yang, crescents, and a palm with an eye in the center, which is a symbol thought to represent the ability to gain insight into future and past events. Single-eye symbolism runs rampant in the video. There are times that she purposefully points to one eye ”“ sometimes the eye is actually a moving mouth.

Other questionable images that appear in the video include bottles cracking over the heads of police and little black pills. She screams profanities and looks possessed in some scenes. In the music industry, Banks’ chaotic nature goes beyond her lyrics and music videos, as has been in the middle of several controversial ‘feuds’ with more than 15 other music artists ”“ it seems that she likes to find trouble, or trouble seems to find her.

Interestingly, Banks signed with Universal Music in January 2012, and is represented by Troy Carter, who is none other than Lady Gaga’s manager”¦.and we all know that Lady Gaga has a reputation for inciting visions of Illuminati puppetry.