Baby and Pregnancy Superstitions 1

Before giving birth to a bundle of joy to protecting your newborn afterwards, there are a lot of superstitions centered on pregnancy and babies. In this article you will learn about baby-related superstitions from all over the world, including Germany and China.

Contact with Strangers

After having a newborn, it’s important to monitor their contact with strangers in regards to some of the superstitions related to the subject. Around the world, some say it is important to wait two months, six months, and sometimes even a year before visitors are allowed to see the baby. This is because some people believe that compliments bring evil spirits that may steal away your child.

Days of the Week

When it comes to the day of the week that your child is born, there is a saying that says: “Born on Monday, fair in the face; Born on Tuesday, full of God’s grace; Born on Wednesday, the best to be had; Born on Thursday, merry and glad; Born on Friday, worthily given; Born on Saturday, work hard for a living; Born on Sunday, shall never know want.”

Nocturnal Births

If a baby is born at night, it is said that it will have a habit of staying up late at night.
Body Parts

Body parts play an important role in superstitions dealing with a baby. A couple of examples include:

1.    Baby Feet: If a baby is born with its feet first, some people believe it will have the ability to heal.  
2.    Big Ears: Babies with large ears are thought to grow up to become generous adults.
3.    Hands and Fingers: When a baby is born with open hands and out-stretched fingers, it is said to be a sign that he or she will enjoy a great deal of prosperity.
4.    Mouth: A large mouth on a baby indicates the makings of a good singer.
5.    Teeth: Some people believe if a newborn comes into the world with teeth, he or she could be a vampire.
Chinese Baby Superstitions

In China, it is said that an expectant mother that rubs her belly too much could produce a child with spoiled tendencies.

The Chinese also have a superstition that says a baby born with thick ears and a concave navel (also known as an ‘inny’ belly button) is a sure sign of success and happiness in their future.

The first object that a baby reaches for is very important in Chinese culture, as it is used to relate to the destiny of the child.

If you’re interested in having a child that speaks well, the Chinese have a superstition that says rubbing a cooked chicken tongue on the lips of your baby can help.

German Baby Superstitions

Across Germany, an old wives tale says that if a newborn is first laid on its left side, it will grow up to become a clumsy child and adult.