Baby and Pregnancy Superstitions 2

Do you know what they say about babies born on Sunday? Want to learn interesting tests associated with telling the birth of a baby? In this article, you will encounter more superstitions about being pregnant and giving birth.

Born on a Sunday

Some say that if your baby is born on a Sunday, evil spirits will not be able to harm it.

Telling Baby Gender

A few baby gender superstitions from America include a couple of interesting tests that allowed parents to ‘tell’ the sex of their child. They include:

·    If a mother’s feet are colder when she’s pregnant, she will most likely have a boy, while warmer feet are said to indicate the upcoming birth of a girl.

·    If a mother pees bright yellow urine, she has a better chance of giving birth to a boy.

·    Pay attention to what you drop while you are pregnant. Some say that dropping a knife means you have a baby boy on board, while dropping scissors means a girl is coming into your life.  

United Kingdom Baby Superstitions

It is said that you should carry a new baby three times around the house in order to protect the child from suffering a bout of colic. In the past, the gums of a teething child were rubbed with their mother’s gold wedding ring to ease discomfort.

Taking Baths

There is a superstition that states a pregnant woman should not take any baths in an effort to avoid bacteria swimming up her vagina and causing harm to her baby.


It is said that if a woman is fit and healthy, she will enjoy an easier and quicker labor.

Malaysian Baby Superstitions

Some Malaysians believe that if a baby kicks a lot, the mother is having a boy. However, if the mother hears the hoot of an owl, she should expect a baby girl. During labor, it is said that the mother or father sitting at the top of a staircase will block passages that could prolong delivery.  

Maltese Baby Superstitions

It is good luck to have a baby born on Saint Mary’s Day

If your baby was born on Saint Mary’s Day in August, you may have a talented horse racer on your hands.

The Maltese also believe that the first object a baby grabs will indicate what they will become when they grow up.  

Native American Superstitions

The Native Americans believe that eating certain foods will affect the birth of a baby. Berries have a tendency to cause birthmarks. A baby with weak ankles most likely had a mother that ate a lot of steelhead salmon. If you don’t want your baby to cry a lot, the Native Americans avoided eating cranes and seagulls.

The Native Americans would dunk their baby boys in water to make sure they would become brave, strong hunters.