Baby and Pregnancy Superstitions 3

From Scotland to Guyana, there are plenty of baby superstitions to keep an expectant mother on her toes. In this article, you will learn the connection between a pregnant woman and a garden, as well as what a red sac during birth means for a baby.

Scottish Baby Superstitions

In Scotland, some parents present a baby with coins to see if they could a) hold onto money all of their life by grasping the coins and not letting them fall or b) let cash slip through their fingers for the rest of their life.

There is a Scottish superstition that tickling the feet of a baby will cause them to grow up with a speech problem.

European Baby Superstition

Europeans believe that everything planted by an expectant mother will grow well in a garden.

Runs in the Family

It is believed that if your mother had an easy pregnancy, you too will share the same fate. Other superstitions that deal with family ties includes: if your mother never lost weight after her pregnancy, you may not either; if your mother had a large baby, you may too; and if your mother had stretch marks during her pregnancy, you probably will too.

Seven Days Before Conception
The Chinese have a superstition that what a woman eats seven days before conception can affect the gender of a baby. If she wants a boy, she should pile up on the carrots, lettuce, mushroom, and tofu. If she prefers a girl, she should eat fish, meat and pickles.

Aztec Baby Superstition

The Aztecs believed that eclipses affected babies and thought that a pregnant woman who witnessed one, would give birth to a baby with a harelip.

Good-Looking Babies

Some people say that couples in a happy marriage will produce attractive children.

Red Sac

If a red water sac is present during the birth of a baby, some cultures feel that the child will have impressive powers, as well as double sight.

Guyanese Baby Superstition

In Guyana, some people believe that wearing high heels during a pregnancy means that the baby born will have crossed-eyes.  

Chinese Baby Superstitions and Traditions

In some circles, Chinese parents keep their pregnancy quiet and only tell close family and friends as a way to protect their unborn from the evil eye of the jealous.

Many women are not allowed to lift anything heavy, walk around a lot, or do any hard labor while in the early stages of their pregnancy. Additionally, the marital bed should not be moved during the entire pregnancy, as some people believe this will harm the fetus. This is usually a tradition that is followed to avoid miscarriages.

Some people believe that if you use a hammer or pliers in the house when a mother is expecting, the child may come out blind. There is a Chinese superstition that the spirit of an unborn child roams around a house and since it is unseen, using the above tools may cause accidental damage to the baby.