Bad Luck and Superstitions 1

It seems that anything and everything you do or don’t do has the potential to send you a wave of bad luck. Numerous superstitions exist about a variety of everyday objects and activities. In this article, we will deal with ambulances, babies, baseball bats, as well as various body parts.


There is a saying that you may not know of when seeing an ambulance cross your path. It states: “Touch your toes, touch your nose, never go in one of those, until you see a dog.” It is said that it is quite unlucky not to pinch your nose and hold your breath until you see a black or brown dog. Now, that is pretty bad for those who have pulled over after seeing one in the street while driving. What are the chances of seeing a dog before you get honked at for not moving because you are holding your breath and pinching your nose?


When it comes to baby matters, some believe that you can predict the sex of a baby by participating in a little test. First, you attach a wedding ring to a piece of thread or string and suspend it over the palm of the pregnant woman. If the ring swings in a circular motion, then she will give birth to a sweet, little girl. If the ring swings in a straight line, then she will give birth to a bouncing baby boy.


Spring has come and you know what that means. Spring training and baseball. When taking out your new bat, you should spit on it before using it for the first time and maybe you will have a better chance of cracking a homer.


When it comes to superstitions, body parts have been known to play a role. For example, if your nose itches, someone will be coming to see you. If it is the right nostril giving you problems, then the visitor will be a woman. The left nostril indicates a man will come a calling. If your cheeks feel flushed and hot, it means that someone is talking about you or even spreading rumors. When your ear itches, this is also a sign about people speaking about you. If it is the right ear that is bothering you, the words are positive, where the left ear indicated malicious gossip. The twitching of the right eye means that a baby will soon be born into your family. When the left eye twitches, it means a death will soon occur.


As for your fingernails, it is considered bad luck for a person to cut their nails on a Friday or Sunday. If you can stand it, good luck comes to those who save, bury or burn their fingernails clippings. If you have bitten your tongue (and not on purpose), it is usually a direct result of telling a lie. If you receive a chill that runs up and down your back, it means that someone is talking about you behind your back. This is also true if you experience a sudden onset of the goosebumps on your back.