Bad Luck and Superstitions 2

Continuing superstitions and bad luck that may be experienced on an everyday basis, this article takes a look at saying goodbye on a bridge, the color blue, bed superstitions, candles, fishing, as well as brooms.


When saying goodbye on a bridge, you may never see your friend or family member again. How eerie? Now, if it is the company of a stranger that you seek, you may want to turn to your broom for help. Sweep dust out of your door when the sun has set and a stranger will come a calling. Numerous superstitions are associated with a broom. Is this because witches use them to fly through the night? Anyhow, it is unlucky to lean a broom against a bed. It gives evil spirits within the broom time to cast a spell upon the place where you lay your head at night.


Unmarried women beware! If someone is sweeping the floor and sweeps over the tops of your feet, it is a sign that you will never find someone to spend the rest of your life with. Those moving to a new house should discard their old broom and purchase a new one for their new surroundings. If you have put up an unruly guest in your home and you do not wish them to return, you should sweep out the room that they stayed in as soon as they leave so that you can prevent a repeat performance or visit.


As for the bed, there are several superstitions to take note of. For hat wearers, don’t place your hat on the bed; it is considered bad luck. When positioning your bed in the room, make sure that it does not face north and south or you will be in for a bit of misfortune. Getting out of the bed on the same side that you get in will cause you to avoid the bad luck that comes when getting out on the opposite side. This is good news for those who place their bed against a wall, meaning you’ll never have to worry about this superstition. When you have awakened, making the bed is one of the first things on your mind. Make sure you do not hesitate or pause when making the bed because you do, you will have a poor nights sleep.


When wearing a blue bead, you will receive protection from nearby witches. The color blue is also referred to in the saying: Touch blue and your wish will come true.” This may be a reason why something blue is required on the day of getting married. If a candle that is lit during your wedding ceremony suddenly blows out, it is a sign that evil spirits or thoughts are lurking behind.


Have you decided to enjoy a day of fishing with family or friends? If you are lucky enough to catch a fish, the first one should be thrown back and the chances of catching more throughout the day greatly increase. A little competitive? Those who count the number of fish that they have caught are less lucky in catching more for the day. When fishing by the sea, some believe that it is unlucky to say the word “pig” for reasons quite unknown to me. If you have taken a boat out during your fishing expedition, it is considered good luck to have a cat onboard.