Bad Luck and Superstitions 3

The next time you strike a match to light a cigarette, you may think twice about whom you offer a light to. The next time you notice an eyelash has fallen from your eye, you might be interested in putting in a request. Superstitions dealing with these items and more can be found in this article.


Although it may be hard to accomplish, it is considered bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same match. When you are combing your hair and the comb should fall out of your hand and hit the ground, it is believed that this is a sign that disappointment is in the near future. Dropping silverware may often occur after a day of washing dishes or emptying the dishwater. Expect a visit from a man if you have dropped a fork on the floor. Now, whether or not this is the television repairman or the man of your dreams is not guaranteed.


When a body part itches, you may be getting a sign that something is about to happen within your life. Get ready to pack your bag if you experience an itch on the bottom of your right foot. It is a sign that you may be enjoying a trip in the near future. Now when it comes to the itching of the palm on your right hand, it means you will soon encounter some money. But when the palm of your left hand itches, it is a sign that you will be losing or paying someone else some money.  If your nose itches, it is believed that you will soon be kissed by a foolish person.


When entering your home or the house of a relative or friend, it is considered bad luck to leave through a different door than the one you entered. So, I guess those who sneak out of the back door after doing wrong will have a bigger chance of getting caught doing whatever they weren’t supposed to be doing.


You may look in the mirror and notice that an eyelash has fallen out. Some believe that when you put it on the back of your hand, a wish may come true. The process of getting your wish granted occurs when you place the lash on the back of your hand. Next, throw it over your shoulder. If the lash flies off of your hand, then your wish will come true. A death in the family may occur if you encounter a clock that has not worked in awhile that suddenly has found its voice once more.


When it comes to mirrors, there is more than just seven years bad luck if you break one. But what happens when a mirror mysteriously falls for no reason at all? It is believed that someone within the house will die soon if a mirror falls and breaks on its own. It is also unlucky to peer into a mirror with a candle in your hand. It is the candlelight you should avoid. You probably didn’t know this, but mirrors attract lightning, which is why some cover them when a thunderstorm is in progress.