Bad Luck and Superstitions 4

Some days are just better than others. It terms of luck, some days bring more luck than others on an individual basis. This article deals with some of the lucky and not-so-lucky things that tend to occur on a Friday, including being born on Good Friday.


The Friday before Easter is referred to as Good Friday. There are a few superstitions dealing with this date. For starters, if a child is born on this date and baptized on Easter Sunday, they may be blessed with the gift of healing. If the child is a male, he should pursue a life serving the ministry. When a person departs this earth on Good Friday, it is said that they will go straight to heaven. If you wish to prevent headaches from occurring during the year, it is thought that cutting your hair on Good Friday will result in the absence of those head pounders. On Easter, you may enjoy good luck throughout the rest of the year if you wear a new wardrobe on this day.


When it comes to Fridays, there is a lot riding on this day of the week. For example, if you chose to change the linens on your bed on this day, you will experience bad dreams during your slumber. Bad luck befalls any ship that sets sail on a Friday. I wonder if the Titanic took off on this day? When it comes to starting a trip, whether it is by ship, plane or car, you may encounter some sort of bad luck. For tailors and seamstresses, clothing that is made on a Friday should be finished on this same day or they may experience a bout of misfortune.


Out of all the Fridays in the year, the one that is the most unfortunate of them all is of course, the infamous Friday the 13th. It is so feared that the majority of high rises do not display a 13th floor. When walking through an airport, look to see if there is a 13th gate because chances are you may not encounter one. Airplanes also adhere to this; the 13th aisle is also avoided. When staying at a hotel, the room number 13 is often not used. If you are in the hospital (not like you will be paying attention) but there is no room number 13 here, as well. You probably never noticed, but most cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue.


Another superstition regarding the number 13 deals with the number of letters that you have in your name. It is said that if your name consists of 13 letters, you will be burdened by the “devil’s luck.” Who in history has 13 letters in their name that may ring a murderous bell? Try Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, as well as Ted Bundy. It is said that if 13 people sit down at a table to enjoy a meal, one of them will pass away before the year ends.