Bad Luck and Superstitions 6

There are also numerous superstitions and beliefs dealing with knitting. Bad luck may befall a knitter who leaves a project unfinished. It also transcends to the person you intended on giving the finished product to. So if you are knitting a newborn a pair of booties and you do not complete this task, you may be causing bad luck to someone who hasn’t even started out in life. They need all the luck they can get! When taking a break from knitting, it is unlucky to stab needles through the yarn ball that you are using. Whoever wears what you created from that yarn will bring them bad luck.


Ladies, not that he wants them anyway, knitting a pair of socks for your boyfriend may cause your man to walk away from you in the future (according to superstition). When you are seeking a closer relationship with someone, knitting a strand of your own hair into the piece of clothing will form a tighter bond between you and the person who receives your knitted gift. Some believe that if you knit gifts for children you are not immediately expecting and you may unknowingly bring them bad luck. During pregnancy is the best time to knit for a baby. Some believe knitting before you are pregnant also causes the woman to have trouble getting pregnant. If you drop the scissors you are using to cut your yarn, it is a sign that your significant other may be cheating on you.


Everyone has a birthstone attached to the month they were born in. For those celebrating a birthday during the month of October, you may already know that your birthstone is an opal. It is said that if you wear an opal and you were not born in October, you will experience a wave of bad luck.


The next time a trip of friends takes a photo, they should pay attention to who is in the middle position. It is believed that the one in the middle will pass away first. A good way to avoid this superstition from coming true is to take several different photos in several different positions.


Rainbows have often served a sign for happiness and luck. If a rainbow appears in the eastern skies, it is thought that the next day will be dry and sunny. If the rainbow appears in the western skies, a prediction of rain for the nest day is made. Speaking of signs in the sky and the weather, those taking to the sea may be interested in this saying: “Red sky at night, Sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, Sailors take warning.” For weather that is rainy, the proper tool to call upon for help in this matter is the handy umbrella. If you drop your umbrella on the floor of a house, it is a sign that a murder will occur on the premises. The details of when and how are not included. Of course, you have heard that it is bad luck to open an umbrella inside of a house, but did you know it is especially horrid to place the opened umbrella over your head?