Basic Tools for a Beginner Magician I

If you are interested in dabbling in the world of a magick, you’re going to have to become familiar with some of the typical tools of the trade. Tools associated with magick are meant to extend and enhance the energy of the user. In this article, you will learn about some of the most essential items, such as a chalice and wand.


A magician’s altar is often decorated with a chalice , a cup that has a large bowl on top and a stem that widens out towards its flat base. Chalices are associated with the element of water, and are linked to healing, protection, and scrying amongst other things. Water is a powerful element and can cause one to become compulsive. As a beginner, it is recommended to learn how to use the wand and anthame, which are linked to air and fire, before working with the chalice.

The chalice allows magicians to make contact with other people on a psychic and spiritual level, including those who have crossed over into the afterlife. The chalice can heal the user and others with an emphasis on water-related conditions, such as arthritis, scar tissue, and swollen limbs. When looking for lost objects or people, the chalice is believed to help. It is also used to cleanse and protect a sacred space. When performing blessings for yourself or others, the chalice becomes an important tool.

The chalice is also used in other religious circles , usually for the purpose of drinking a beverage during a ceremony.


While you won’t get the same effect with a wand as Harry Potter, this magician’s tool is one associated with communication, healing, shielding and protection. The wand is seen as a safe yet still powerful way to make the best out of self energy and abilities. It is considered an ‘air tool.’ Magicians use the wand to enhance the power of their abilities, but can sometimes cause more unintentional damage than other tools, such as a magical knife or Anthame.

A magician just starting out will have to learn how to properly use their wand. The wand has a reputation for harnessing magic that can heal the user, as well as others. Protection is something that some seek when using a wand , from evil forces and negative influences. On the home front or about your natural environment, a wand can create a sacred level of protection that enhances your personal spaces. The wand can help send psychic messages to other people.

You can even make your own wand instead of purchasing one in a store or online. Some believe that it is better to make their own so that they can have a stronger connection with their tool. A wand becomes a helpful source of healing for some and is connected with helping chronic and acute pain. The wand is a tool that helps people make contact with others on a psychic level. You may also create a shield using a wand to protect against various forms of negativity and harm.