Basic Tools for a Beginner Magician II

While the wand and chalice are typically some of the more known tools of a magician, others are not so familiar with the firebowl and athame. Magicians interested in divination and ridding their spaces of negative energy may want to get their hands on these two tools. In this article, you will learn about the firebowl and anthame, as well as what you can accomplish by having them in your possession.

The Firebowl

Magicians and shamans use the firebowl for rituals, ceremonies, protection spells, shielding, and creating a sacred space. Understanding the power associated with such a tool is one that has been taught for centuries. As a beginner magician, you will need to learn how to light and charge a firebowl. If you are interested in cleansing yourself, objects or where you live, there are steps to become familiar with because there are certain ingredients are used in a firebowl.

The more you learn about firebowls, the possibilities of magic become greater. Some people use a firebowl to deflect negative energy. The bowl contains restoration powers that can rejuvenate your physical, mental and emotional balance. Some people use a firebowl to establish sacred spaces and peaceful surroundings. Firebowls are also used for divination purposes , for locating lost items and people.

The Athame

The Athame is a ceremonial dagger that serves as a magical tool, and is especially significant to Wiccans and other neopagan witchcraft practitioners. The dagger has a double-edged blade and is usually made with a black handle. Some consider the tool as one of the most powerful for a magician to have in his or her possession. With a connection to the element of fire, the athame is used for healing, protection, shielding, as well as banishing unwanted beings. Usually, a beginner magician will master the wand before attempting to learn the ways of the athame.

Choosing the athame for yourself is an important process, and there are steps to be taken to make sure the tool is ‘keyed’ in such a way that only you can use it. When you have an athame, it is also important to learn how to store and maintain the tool. Once you become more familiar with the athame, you can begin training on how to protect yourself from different types of attacks. Some of the shields associated with an athame include house shields, half shields and full body shields.

The athame can be used to heal yourself and others from a range of pain and illnesses , most of which are related to fire. Some people use the tool to rid themselves of emotional attachments that prove unhealthy. If you want to banish unwanted beings from your sacred space, the athame is helpful in achieving your intentions.