Beating Anxiety Through Jesus Christ

This is a response to an email I received regarding anxiety and depression. I wanted to share..

Many have read the bible from cover to cover but still have it all wrong. Most preachers and churches teach words that itching ears want to hear, BUT these are not the words of Yahweh. Yes the answers are in the scriptures, but understanding the scriptures requires more than just reading.  I can talk scriptures till I am blue in the face, but I can not make a believer out of anyone unless they holy spirit is within that person. The person has to be ready to understand and willing to search for answers.  Please do not misunderstand, I myself am NOT without fallacy and my understanding does not mean I am correct in all I understand and believe. I am still learning more everyday as I continue my own journey.  Later if your interested in more indepth topics regarding Grace, the law of Moses, the First Resurrection, The Second Death, etc we can discuss at your will.  But this is up to you.

Regarding your anxiety, I assume it comes from things like having no avenues to reach success, worries about bills, worry of the future, loneliness, dead end careers, daily troubles, not knowing what the whole point of life really is,  what you should be doing, where you went wrong, etc..  Every day is a struggle…   These feelings can be ignored and suppressed and hidden through meditation and other means, but really, there is only 1 solution.  Trust and faith in Jesus Christ.

Regarding your questions:

1. So i cant overcome my social anxiety from your point of view?
Once you know and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ these anxieties vanish because we are now in the light.  We receive comfort from the comforter..  The comforter is the holy spirit that enters us when we are reborn.  We gain knowledge and wisdom once the spirit is in us.  The social anxiety is designed into the system to force people away from GOD and keep people in fear.  BUT the truth shall set you free.  Once you learn the truth there is nothing to fear and we know that the battle has already been won.

2. how do you know that this man of perdition will come? And that is the new system you are are talking about ?
The man of perdition is the anti-christ of the bible.  We know he will be coming soon or is already here.  This person will be declared the savior that will fulfill both Jewish Messiah and Islam Mahdi.  Many weak uninformed Christians will also accept him as the savior.  This is what the worldly turmoil is leading upto.  All this chaos is putting the world on edge.  People are losing their savings, losing hope, war is breaking out, Earthquakes are ROARING, while the evil banking systems are pillaging the people..  The man of perdition will be coming soon to “SAVE US”.  He will have powers and will draw lightning from the sky.  He might even resurrect after being killed.  The world will love him and people will think he is the man of peace and security.  He will offer peace…  A new system will also come which requires all people to receive a mark in order to buy or sell.  A new money system..  This old one will be crashing so this man can bring in the new money system..  If you take the mark and join the new system you will be rejected by GOD.  This will be one of the hardest things we will face, Christians will reject this system because Christians know the truth and the script.  And Christians will be jailed, and killed..

3. Do you think humanity goes in a dark place and its not worth to work on my issues?
Your issues can be suppressed but we can not remove the root of these issues..  Without GOD and the promise of eternal life, what is there to be happy about?  How can we be anxiety free when the world is falling apart and is filled with hate?  True comfort comes when the holy spirit enters us and comforts us.  We can then learn the truth and know that when we face these hardships that they are only temporary and the war has already been won through the blood of christ.  The increasing signs of evil will give us content that our time of redemption and love is near..

The thing to look forward to and have faith in is that in the end, the dead in CHRIST will rise from the grave and be given immortal bodies that have no wrong.  We will no longer have debt and sickness.  No more pain.  We will live in this same Earth 1000 years under the rule of Jesus Christ.  If we have faith in Jesus, our wrongdoings will NOT be judges and used against us.  Jesus paid that price for us 2000 years ago on the cross. 

There is much more involved than this and these studies get very deep..  There are many traps along the way that are intended to lead us wrong.  Even within the Church..  MOST Churches are preaching unsound doctrines that will lead them to destruction.. 

There is light my friend, and there is everlasting life that awaits us..  This is the hope that keeps our chins up and separates us from a life of depression and torture.

Sorry to sound crazy, as I have not always been following this myself.  I was hooked on occultism and metaphysics, aliens, self godliness, etc for a very long time.  But now I realize I was wrong and the answers are in Christ.