Bigfoot Search in Michigan

When I came across the headline that a Bigfoot search was happening in my neck of the woods (or close to it), I became very interested in learning the details about what called for such an investigation. In this article, you will find out why people believe “Bigfoot” (or Sasquatch, to some) may have found a home in the Upper Peninsula.


Next month, researchers will head for the Michigan area to locate evidence that points to the hairy creature with man-like features that is commonly known as “Bigfoot.” According to a representative of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the search will focus on the eastern part of Marquette County, where some of the most recent eyewitness reports regarding Bigfoot have surfaced. A team of enthusiastic individuals will be looking for any clues that support the theory that Bigfoot’s presence can be found in the vicinity. Reserachers are also interested in speaking with the locals to learn of personal accounts that may have taken place with Bigfoot, such as interesting stories or recent encounters.


Across the world, the legend that has become Bigfoot is often believed to combine folklore, misconceptions, and a bunch of hoaxes, but there are a vast collection of researchers, residents, and authors who feel that the legend is actual a reality. Over time, Marquette County has logged in four sightings of Bigfoot, which is the most in all of the Upper Peninsula counties. Additional encounters have been documented in Ontonagon, Baraga, Dickinson, Luce, as well as Schoolcraft counties.


In the United States and Canada, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has become part of 27 successful expeditions in search for Bigfoot out of 30. Out of all the adventures, investigators have reported catching sight of Bigfoot or gotten close enough to listen to the creature.


Some scientists (notably those well-versed in the ins and outs of crytozoology) believe that Bigfoot is what is called a “gigantopithecus,” which belongs to a branch of primitive man that has an archeological historical that may have thrived about 3 million years ago. On the other hand, mainstream scientists take a look at unreliable eyewitness accounts and absent physical evidence and will “believe it when they see it.”


Michigan is not the only location in the world to have seen recent Bigfoot activity. In the beginning of 2007, there have been reports of Bigfoot sightings in British Columbia New Jersey, Georgia, and Arizona. In January, a Bigfoot-like creature was spotted on a close range road in Graham County, Arizona, as a motorist was traveling on a foggy morning near Stafford. The sighting also occurred five miles from the base of Mt. Graham.


In February, a nighttime sighting took place in Warren County, New Jersey, as a motorist was traveling close to Mansfield. That same month, a motorist was heading down Hwy 101 at night, when they caught sight of what they described as a creature that was the size of a bear. The sighting took place close to Hannah Swamp, as they were traveling from Paulding County to Carroll County.


In Apache County, Arizona, a motorist traveling west of Springerville in the late afternoon reported a road-crossing sighting. The witness stated that the area was undergoing new bridge construction and the forest-covered road was located not too far. In March, a motorist traveling on Hwy 4 nearing Kennedy Lake reported to experience a sighting during the daytime. The sighting took place around 80 kilometers from Tofino, as they headed towards Port Alberni.