Black Helicopters Come In Different Colors

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“Black” Helicopters aren’t Black

The so-called “Black” helicopters, cargo transport aircraft, surveillance aircraft, and armed interceptor jet aircraft that are used by the national security/intelligence agency sometimes called “Omega Systems” are not black. Quite literally, they are not any specific color. The surface coating of these vehicles is not a “paint” per se, but an extremely sophisticated photon transfer medium capable of imparting a virtual invisibility to anything coated with it.

This coating is the product of a DARPA research team’s investigation into the light reflection/transfer capabilities of different types of crystals, including natural and man-made piezoelectric crystals. A carefully controlled application of a clear resin compound that serves as a matrix for microscopic piezoelectric crystals, combined with a minute electric charge at a particular frequency to properly orient the tiny crystalline beads before the resin matrix solidifies, results in a surface coating with impressive visual properties.

This coating allows an observer to see light bent around the shape covered with the resin/crystal matrix. Thus an observer standing on the ground, looking upward at a helicopter coated with this matrix in the night sky would see what appeared to be a blurred black shape. Combined with counter-rotating main and tail blade technology, this coating has fostered the myth of the “silent black helicopters” used to insert covert operatives into various sensitive situations.

Equally, during the day the same vehicle, observed by an individual looking upward at it, would appear to be a blurred blue/white(or grey, or whatever the background illumination/color at that time of the day happens to be). At the same time, an observer in an aircraft above the coated aircraft would see a blurred shape that was roughly the same color as the ground below it. Ergo, virtual invisibility, particularly at a moderate to long distance between the observer and the coated aircraft. A jet with this coating, flying at loiter speed and producing no contrail, would be invisible to an observer on the ground as little as a thousand feet below it, and extremely difficult to see at lower altitudes.

Although I cannot personally swear to the capability of this coating to bend microwave beams as well as visual frequencies of light, I have been informed by a supposedly knowledgable individual that the coating does exactly that. The return signature of an aircraft (or missile) coated with this matrix is so minute that it would be summarily discounted as birds or an atmospheric disturbance when “painted” with a search radar beam.

Any other “explanation” of the so-called “black” aircraft is, in all probability, deliberate disinformation and should be examined minutely for flaws or outright misrepresentations in the associated story. MANY OF THE STORIES YOU WILL PERUSE ON THIS SUBJECT AND RELATED SUBJECTS ARE DELIBERATE DISINFORMATION BY OPERATIVES OF THE VARIOUS AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. These disinformation programs are propagated with the aim of keeping American citizens from learning about the depth and breadth of the deceptions they are surrounded with from the time they are born until the day they die.

Freedom begins with a dissatisfied, questioning mind.

Rev. D. Lindle