Bovine Growth Hormone Injected Into Dairy Cows?

courtesy of Joel McClain.


BST, or rbST, or BGH is the Bovine Growth Hormone which may now be

legally injected into dairy cows. Dairies who elect not to use this

manufactured hormone are allowed to state ONLY that the milk/cheese

etc. comes from animals which were not treated with the substance,

and cannot state that the products are rbST-free, even though this

would be a true statement.

I was living in Illinois, just seven miles south of Wisconsin, when

the BGH scandal first made the news. According to news reports

there, the USDA had sent agents to approach individual dairies,

offering them the hormone. The farmers were told to expect a 40%

increase in milk yield, BUT the injections were to be kept secret

from the public and from the state’s department of agriculture.

All went along fine for the first few years, until treated cows

began to drop dead from extremely agressive forms of cancers to

their female organs. The farmers were unable to get compensation

from the USDA for the cows, and took them to court. Once this

happened, the state’s agricultural people, and later the entire

state legislature, figuratively speaking, had a cow. The farmers’

customers switched to non-BGH dairies, and the state went to work on

legislation to require labeling of any products from cows which had

been treated with BGH.

It was a case of David and Goliath, and David lost. Goliath had his

own inspectors reclassify the deaths of the cows, so that there

would be no mention of the hormone injections. The new federal law

means that other states, who may wish to challenge BGH, cannot do

so. So much for “states rights”.

The reason why this is ultimately of concern, is that humans are

genetically very similar to cows…that’s why we can drink cow milk,

and why in times of war, we have used cow blood for transfusions.

Trace amounts of BGH which theoretically could remain in the

products, perhaps if the injections were given incorrectly, would be

consumed by the end user of the product. Artificially manufactured

hormones, which have been linked to fatal cancers, are not the best

idea that I have heard this week!

When we heard the news from Wisconsin, we switched to dairy products

that were from Illinois only. Here in Texas, I’ve heard that Kroger

plans to carry only non-BGH dairy products. Hopefully, this trend

will continue. No matter WHAT the USDA says, we can VOTE with our

DOLLARS, until this hormone is not used.