Brooms and Magic: Luck, Homes & Marriage

Brooms have been connected to protecting the home for centuries. For example, some people would place the broom across the threshold of their home to keep away negative magic. In this article, you will learn more about using brooms for protection, as well as their place in marriage rituals.

Protect the Home

To increase the power of the broom, sprinkling salt by it was a common practice. An old German tradition regarding a broom was to sweep the home if they believed misfortune had entered their residence. The sweeping action was linked to removing negativity from the home. It was not uncommon to see every member of the family to grab a broom and join in with the sweeping. They’d begin in the middle of the home , sweeping outward towards the exterior doors.

Shooing Away Unwanted Guests

The broom also came in handy for removing an unwanted guest from a home. It is said that if you placed your broom handle leaning towards your guest and visualize them leaving, then it is said that the individual will start to feel uncomfortable and have an urge to go elsewhere.

Bring Good Luck

Broomsticks are also a symbol of fertility and domestic life. People believe that using a broom in the home can bring good luck. It can become a tool to blessing a new home as well. One method of taking advantage of the magic of brooms is to crush a few almonds and mix them with a drop or two of honey to create a paste. Dap a small amount of the mixture on the bristles of a new broom while thinking thought of happiness and calm. Sweep the front entrance of your home to seal in the positive vibes.

Purifying a Room

Purification of a home is a practice that a broom can also play a role in. Start off by removing your broom and lighting them in the same way you would a candle. Carry the bristles around in a clockwise direction around the home (or about one of the rooms) to clear away negative energy.

When a Broom is Unlucky

There are times when a broom is considered unlucky. Some say that sweeping after sunset , a belief that traces back to the 14th century. It is said that witched in the British Isles would select that time of day to perform magic with their brooms by “sweeping” a magic spell in the direction of someone or the target’s home. During these days, its was a serious offense to perform magic of any kind. Because of this, people would not sweep their homes after sunset to avoid being a suspect of witchcraft. This practice would eventually cause people to believe bad things happened to those who swept after twilight.

Brooms and Marriage

It is also suggested that sweeping around the feet of a single person would cause them to never find the love of their life and marry. However, when a love match has been found, the broom can play a positive role in the ceremony. They represent good luck and seen as a way to promote fertility.

From handfasting ceremonies to ‘jumping the broom’ in African American traditions, the broom has a place in marriage rituals. The practice of ‘marrying over a broomstick’ or jumping over one was a way that a common-law union was acknowledged. Gypsies also had a custom of jumping forward and backward over a broomstick. Also, the broom didn’t have to be used during a wedding ceremony, one could be placed in front of the entrance of a newlyweds home so that they could step over it.