Businesses that Capitalize Off of, Benefit from, or Connect with Illuminati/Secret Society Symbolism

It doesn’t matter if you whole-heartedly agree with the perceived agenda of secret societies, such as the Illuminati or Freemasons, but when you capitalize off of building your business to reflect the symbolism of such groups – you’re still supporting them in a way that influences others to accept the symbolism. All across the nation, as well as abroad, there are businesses, products, and companies that intentionally embrace the signs, symbolism, and meaning behind organizations, such as the Illuminati.

Whether done as a playful pun, to make a statement, or to simply drum up controversy – the following enterprises are making money off of supporting imagery, such as the all-seeing eye, illuminated pyramids, and typical word associations.

Secret Society Tattooing

In Massachusetts, there is a tattoo parlor that comes right out and uses the words ‘Secret Society’ in their business name. To reinforce the connection being made, the website for the shop showcases a logo of an eye within a pyramid shape made out of ‘radiating’ lines.

Illuminati Controguerra Pecorino Colli Aprutini 2011

Hailing from the Abruzzo region of Italy, there is a line of wines that includes reds and whites, such as the Controguerra Pecorino Colli Aprutini, which bears the name ‘Illuminati’.

Stanley Furniture’s Costa Del Sol Illuminati Inlay Table in Cordova

Stanley Furniture sells a hand-finished burl-wood veneer end table that has a rather curious name. Interestingly, part of the description used to sell this piece of furniture reads: “Amid all the rumor and speculation that surrounds the fabled Illuminati, one fact rings true: there is no higher aspiration than to use one’s talents for good. Fortunately, our artisans are up to the task, as evidenced by our stunning Illuminati Inlay Table.”

Cultural Exchange Shop Body Oils – Egyptian Musk

When selling their Egyptian Musk Body Oil, the Cultural Exchange Shop notes that their “Eyes of Horus” Collection of Body Oils is “100% pure, uncut, and alcohol free.”

Illuminati Antiques, Inc.

In the state of Georgia, there is an antiques’ company that serves the public as importers of French, Italian and Spanish antiques. In addition to offering lighting, furniture, architectural and decorative accessories to their customers, you can also purchase pieces with religious elements.

Illuminati Tattoo Company in Las Vegas

It’s no surprise that the Illuminati Tattoo Company would be found in none other than Sin City itself – Las Vegas. Called Illuminati, a tagline of “A Secret Society Tattoo Piercing Co’ is found underneath its name when visiting the website. The fairly new business has no problem embracing the occult side of business, and upon visiting their website, you will notice a $13 special for a recently past Friday the 13th.  The below artwork is also found on their website.

Stickers for Life

If you’re looking to let the whole world know your interest in the Illuminati, then Stickers for Life may have what you need. This company sells vinyl wall sticker decals, and offers large designs in its collection referred to as the Illuminati Eye Annuit Coeptis (as seen on Amazon.com).

Illuminati Beatz

Of course, the music world is saturated with those who rap about the Illuminati or speak on the presence of the secret society within the entertainment industry…and then there are those who choose to fully embrace the concept and refer to themselves as Illuminati Beatz.