Can Magnetic Healing Extend Your Lifespan?

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*** NOTICE *** – 12/02/98

Today it was brought to my attention that Alex Chiu is making claims about some kind of Texas Aging research group that is part of KeelyNet….I don’t know where he got this strange idea…we have NO MEDICAL GROUP, no research in any medical area and never made any claims. He and I have been round and round about HIS CLAIMS and he even DEMANDED that I advertise his site on KeelyNet which I refused to do because he will not have the units tested formally, relying on his own ideas and a few New Age wannabelievers. Some of the people in our group did try them on their own and found NO EFFECTS. So, if you don’t see it ON KeelyNet or posted directly there by me, then take it with a big block of salt. Alex needs to get his act straight, one day it will cause him much grief by making such outrageous claims and I’ve told him this, but he just shrugs it off…so if you choose to play with his stuff and BELIEVE, thats YOUR business, but he has no business mentioning KeelyNet with regard to HIS CLAIMS…

*** Jerry W. Decker/Sysop/Owner/KeelyNet ***

Magnetic Blood Accelerator – 03/30/97

The following post was noted and although the eternal life claim is too wild to consider, there is some merit to accelerating blood flow using magnetic fields.

From: Alex Chiu Telephone: 415 585 3825
Newsgroups: alt.sci.physics.new-theories
Subject: Eternal Life Device
Date: 19 Mar 1997 12:30:09 GMT

New Invention Allows Humans To Live Forever

Please see my web site http://akamail.com/alexchiu

My site has all the diagrams to (build your own) eternal life device.

According to Alex Chiu, that’s me, people can stay young and live forever by using this new invention – The Eternal Life Rings, or The Eternal Life Foot Braces.

The Eternal Life Rings are rings that are to be worn on both small fingers of a user during sleep.

The Eternal Life Foot Braces are to be worn on all fingers of both feet of a user during sleep.

Both devices consist of simply magnets and braces which hold magnets onto the fingers of the user.

Mr. Alex Chiu claims that the magnetic devices both are believed to allow a user to stay young forever or to become younger! The inventor explained that the magnetic pole on the right small finger or on the right foot is opposite to the poles of the magnets on the left small finger or of the left foot.

With a different pole on each side of the human body, blood circulation and electric current of the body are propelled.

The speeded up blood circulation and electric current generates a faster metabolism in order to fight the aging process. The mentioned devices invented by Alex Chiu are believed to alter aging or to keep the users young as long as the users wear them every night during sleep.

The devices also cure many handicaps and diseases. Alex Chiu is an inventor who is mainly specialized in effects on human health by magnetic forces.

Please visit http://akamail.com/alexchiu.

Relevant Information

The following file is from the KeelyNet BBS, posted 10/13/95.

This is from a document I received several years ago from an unknown source. The article is from the January, 1966, Popular Science magazine and I only have one page, but the gist is well stated. I think it is very similar to the ‘caterpillar drive’ that was used in the movie, “Hunt for Red October”.

Silent Sea Engine for Nuclear Subs
by James G. Busse

A magnetic pump with no moving parts, this simple device
may propel our submarines silently along the ocean floor

In the silent world of underwater warfare, the slightest noise can bring sudden death to a submarine. The electronic ears of the enemy can detect conventional engines and screw propellers as far as 100 miles away. A computer intercepts the sounds and directs a deadly homing torpedo to their source in minutes.

How do you go about maneuvering a 3,260-ton nuclear submarine without making a sound?

Two medical researchers at St. Louis University’s School of Medicine may have found the answer – a revolutionary undersea propulsion unit dubbed the “sea engine.”

The interesting phenomenon upon which the sea engine is based was first observed in 1964 by Alfred W. Richardson, a physiologist, and Sujoy K. Guha, a young biomedical engineer from India. The two men were looking for a method of simulating the flow of blood through the human body. They tried various types of mechanical pumps without success. The pumping action was too irregular.

While investigating the effects of magnetic fields on weak salt solutions similar to blood, the two researchers stumbled across an interesting fact:

They could make the electrically charged atoms in such solutions move in one direction by applying a magnetic field in just the right way.

Then they made a second important discovery: The moving atoms dragged water molecules along with them so that the entire solution moved.

Richardson and Guha suddenly realized that they had the makings of a new type of pump. They quickly assembled an experimental model and found, as they had expected, that the device really worked.

Their “pump” consisted of nothing more than an unimpressive collection of junk-box electronic components. Yet the instant they connected it to a source of electrical power, a weak salt solution inside it began to move.

A number of tests were made and new models were constructed, some of which permitted very accurate control over the quantity of liquid being pumped, and others which made the liquid move in a series of pulses, duplicating the pumping action of the human heart.

Amazingly, the pumps could move a variety of liquids – including ordinary tap water – without difficulty…..

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