Can shifting the phase and/or frequency Create A time reversal wave

Re: time reversal wave

SWB ( [email protected] )
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 17:08:58 -0500

Hello, DRA,

A few quick questions and comments on your last post.

DRA wrote:
> In the premier issue of Poptronix (P.E. + E.N.), There is an
> interesting article claiming that a wave reflected off a phase
> conjugated mirror (PCM) effictivly generates a time reversal wave…
> now, how can a mirror vibrating, in phase, at 2x the source wave
> reverse time? does that imply that shifting the phase and/or frequincy
> could cause a time advancement wave? or better yet, a time stopping
> wave?

I think I need to subscribe to that mag; I had not heard of it. Is that
a ‘recent’ premier’. Or, has it been sitting on your shelf for a while?

> It seems to me that time is ultimately a constant, and any precived
> shift is due to a change in the surounding frequencies.
And, I think you may have a few of your perceptions backward, or at the
very least misaligned.

Welllllll, No. Not really! Time is not a constant. In our little corner
of the universe, time is perceived to be ‘fairly constant’. But, just as
light itself has not been “truly” ‘tacked down’ as being constant,
neither has time or gravity, or any specific rung on the
‘electromagnetic spectrum’; as they can ALL be stretched, or compressed
in much the same way. Only different! But, different enough, that we can
distinguish specific characteristics, actions, reactions, and
interactions, in order to give those specific things names.

Time is truly ‘flexible’ and that is NOT just a perception. If time, or
it’s measurability were just perceptions, rather than a ‘precept’; then
the physical world would be a MUCH different place, than we know it. As
Charles Shultz once had Linus say: “Time is God’s way, of keeping
everything from happening, all at once!” I often wonder if Charles
knows, just how profound that statement is, as applied to the basic
understanding of ‘how things really work’.

I will pick up a couple of other points, on each of these topics,
further on down; as I give my intermittent explanations.

i.e. an
> airplane traveling faster than … is being bombarded with
> particles/waves that, and due to the dopler (sp?) effect, causes an
> increase in the molecular resonance of the airplane and its contents;
> including say.. a cesium clock tht would appear to have advanced in time
> compared to one that was on the ground.

You are on a very interesting track, and to a very limited degree, there
are indeed waves involved, (in an ‘overall, interdependent,
multidimensional, harmonic manner’); but, you have allowed your
conclusions, to get WAY ahead’ of the facts! And, you’re about to
de-rail! (That spelling is “doppler”, by the way.)

I believe you have that backwards, it is the moving clock, which would
register a slower time – ‘relative to’, stationary clocks on the earth.

I have been preparing a post, that I will send soon; which I hope you
will find informative, and very helpful, in putting all of these
concepts together. I really concentrate on ‘Definitions’ of basic
premises. This list could really use some standardization of terms, to
distinguish, one paradigm from another. As it is now, most everyone here
can say something in a general manner, using the definitions they have
in their head; yet they are really being interpreted in a multitude of
ways, by the others on the list, who have radically different,
definitions in their own mental databases. I believe I can help ‘a lot’
in this area, on several levels; as well as help communicate my own
theories in a manner, that will be understood, the way I need them to be
interpreted, for others to see how things work together in my paradigm.
Whether anyone chooses to agree, or disagree with me; until we are all
on the same ‘frequency (so-to-speak), accurate and efficient
communication of our thoughts, is really impossible. And, that doesn’t
really happen here on a regular basis. NO slur, just an observation.

> can anyone recomend a detector circut capible of generating a phase
> locked loop with the earth’s 7.xHz or 11.xHz resonance that i could send
> through a frequincy doubler, amplify it, and finally pass it through a
> PCM type transducer? I guess the hard part would be impedance matching
> the system.

I will forward your request on to a gentleman, who may be able to help
in that regard; but, he is very busy, traveling the world, consulting on
some mind boggling electronic projects. Don’t know when, or if he can
get to your problem.
At the last inventor’s meeting he presented his latest ‘thing’, which is
helping to develop the patent on ‘plasma antennas’, for stealth
applications. Really simple, but heady stuff! Basically, it’s modulating
the plasma in a set of parabolic shaped ‘neon like’ tubes, of horizontal
and vertical arrays, to both send and receive short burst digital
communications. Then, when it is turned off, the antenna ‘disappears’
for all intents, and purposes! Glass tubes don’t show up on radar!

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