Cancer Doc Death Unearths Conspiracy

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When Dr. Mary S Sherman was found in her apartment dead on the morning of July 21st, 1964 it began as one of the most unexplainable high profile deaths in the country.  But a new book by a long time researcher of the subject has made a convincing claim that it may be linked to what author Edward T. Haslam describes as quite possibly the single largest conspiracy ever to be perpetrated in the world.

When Dr. Sherman was found, she was burned badly but with no evidence of a fire in the room itself aside from a few burned clothes on top of her which appeared to have been stacked after her death.  But despite the fact that her arm had been completely vaporized by an unknown heat source, her hair had been completely unsinged as was most of the rest of her.  It was as though a very localized heat ray or laser more powerful than any portable laser gun had somehow been set up and fired at her.  But as doctors examined the body more closely, they discovered that the actual cause of death had been a very precise incision to her left ventricle that would have been instant.  Additional stab wounds were discovered on her body, but none of them hemorrhaged, suggesting they had been delivered after her death.  Every element of the murder was completely unexplainable.  And one of the most disturbing elements was that Dr. Sherman had been a top scientist working on a cure for cancer.  And the story got only stranger as authorities investigated Sherman’s line of work and the company she kept, including her bodyguard Lee Harvey Oswald, who would later be accused of assassinating president John F. Kennedy.

One of the most confusing elements is the original cause of death was said to be the fire according to an article in the Times Picayune in 1964.  Later this would be amended as a precise surgical stab made as if by a scalpel.  Additionally, anyone working in a funeral parlor where incinerators are used would tell you the burning of bone would not have been possible by such a modest fire as the one created in her apartment that night.  Fires that consume bone often approach temperatures of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit before rendering a body to ash.  Perhaps with no intention of a clandestine cover-up, the event was not revisited in the news with the amended autopsy findings.

So is Sherman’s death an important piece in one of the most famous puzzles ever to vex historians?  The very term conspiracy theory is as connected to the Kennedy assassination as UFOs are to Roswell.  And in his book Dr. Mary’s Monkey, Haslam outlines that Sherman’s death may not have been a murder at all but rather something far more mysterious – an accident in a laboratory that utilized a particle accelerator.  Mr. Haslam recently did an interview with George Noory of Coast to Coast fame and outlined how the incident may have been related to the Kennedy assassination and an increase in cancer rates over the past 40 years.