Capital Punishment Facts and Trivia I

When you think of capital punishment and the death penalty, you probably think of people sentenced to this type of fate because they have committed a murder. However, criminals have been put to death for setting fires to assisting a runaway slave. In this article, you will learn facts and trivia concerning capital punishment in the United States.

In 1859, Starling Carlton was executed for helping a runaway slave in South Carolina. He was the last documented case of this kind.

In the state of Alabama, George Hughes, George Smith, and Asbury Hughes were the last people put to death in August of 1884 for committing arson.

The last person executed for committing a burglary is Frank Bass, who was put to death in Alabama on August 8, 1941.

In New York, a federal execution took place on June 19, 1953 for Ethel and Julius Rosenberg , a married couple at the center of an infamous espionage case. They were the last executed for this crime by way of the electric chair. Not only were they the last put to death for this crime, but they were the first ever execution of civilians for espionage in the United States. They were charged with passing sensitive information during a time of war , specifically details about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.

Rudolph Wright was the last person executed for criminal assault on January 11, 1962 in the state of California.

In Middlesex County in Massachusetts, Hannah Piggen was executed in 1785 for hiding the birth or death of an infant. She was the last person to face this fate.

In California, five Yuki men whose names have not been revealed were the last men executed on July 21, 1863 for the crime of conspiring to commit murder.

You don’t think of counterfeiting being a crime that can lead to an execution, but the last person executed for this offence was Thomas Davis, who died on October 11, 1822 in Alabama.

Although his execution did not take place in the United States, Eddie Slovik was sentenced to death for desertion during the Second World War. More than 21,000 American soldiers were given varying sentences for desertion during the war. While 49 men faced death sentences, Slovik’s was the only one that was actually carried out. Slovik was a private in the United States Army. He was killed by a firing squad on January 31, 1945 in Sainte- Marie-aux-Mines in France.

The last person to die for the crime of sodomy/bestiality or buggery (a term given to the act of anal sex) was Joseph Ross, who was executed on December 20, 1785 in Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania.

For the crime of treason, John Conn was the last person executed. He died in 1862 in the state of Texas.