Cast a Water Wish

For most people, there comes a time in their life when they wish to give in to the urge of settling down with a companion. If they are lucky, they will have found someone compatible enough to make the union last. Ti increase your chances of attracting a suitable love to come into your life, consider the power of the water wish, which involves the use of a ripe apple, sugar, and blue candle.

Materials Needed for Water Wish

This spell is performed in the great outdoors, where you can have access to a natural body of water. It doesn’t matter if it is the ocean, sea, river, or a lake. A waxing moon on a Monday is one of the best days to perform this spell, as it pays homage to the moon , the queen of tides. If the water is tidal, cast the spell when the tide is incoming and near turning. Before casting this love spell, you will need to gather the following materials:

·    1 rope apple, 1 penknife
·    1 thick embroidery needle
·    1 teaspoon of sugar
·    1 blue candle of any kind

How to Cast the Water Wish Spell

Locate a private (yet safe) site by the waterside. At this time, it is important to breathe in deeply, relax, and concentrate on centering yourself. Next, cut the apple in half (horizontally) in such a way that the five-pointed star found at the core is revealed. With one half of the apple cupped in each hand, look out at the water. Intone the following words nine times:

“By the water in my blood
By the rivers of the earth
By the tides of the moon
Bring me one who knows my worth”

Set aside the apple-half in your right hand and concentrate on the other half of apple. Using your needle, inscribe an equilateral triangle that points downward. This symbol represents water. Inscribe the letters of your first name and the shape of a waxing crescent moon. Pour ½ teaspoon of sugar onto the apple half and throw it as far as you can into the water. The remaining sugar is for the other apple half, which you are instructed to eat. Upon returning home, light a blue candle to pay homage to your wish. Let the candle burn down to the end.

The Significance of Water

Out of all the sacred elements (including fire and air), water is the one that is most linked to love. As one of the most powerful forces found on Earth, water is respected for its ability to not only sustain the living, but also completely engulf it. For this reason, the element is often associated with great power. When a relationship is deep and full of love, both parties will draw from the power and delicacy that water possesses. Water also represents the emotions of the self and subconscious.