Cat Superstitions: “Color”ful Beliefs

The infamous saying of never letting a black cat cross your path has sent more cats of this color to local animal shelters than any other color. So, are their any cultures or superstitions that places the black cat in a good light? In this article, you will learn about different colors of cats and what they mean around to people around the world.

Blue Cats

In Russia, blue cats are looked at as messengers of good luck, while the Chinese believe that the older and uglier the cat , the more good luck you will receive.

Buddhists Beliefs

When it comes to cats, Buddhists see cats with dark-colored coats as possessing the power to attract gold, while light-colored ones attract silver.

Black Cats

We all know that many people shy away from a black cat because they not only increases the spook factor of Halloween, but are also linked to bad luck. However, sometimes it’s just a matter of how the cat approaches you in the first place and other circumstances surrounding your encounter. A few black cat superstitions include:

Italians believe that a black cat lying on the bed of a person battling an illness is destined to die. What’s worse is that if the funeral procession crosses paths with a black cat, a member of the deceased person’s family will also meet their maker.

The Chinese believe that a black cat foreshadows famine and poverty. However, Latvians see black cats as a carrier of the spirit of a harvest god. If an individual spies a black cat on his or her farm, it is a sign of good things to come.

A black cat that crosses your path in Germany should move from left to right if you want to enjoy good luck. However, if it is moving right to left, expect bad luck. Interestingly, people living in England believe in the opposite.

When a black cat is walking towards you, get ready for good luck because that is what the creature is bringing with him or her However, if the cat turns and runs away, all of that good luck is running away with it. Other people believe that if you find a black cat that you’ve never seen before, sitting on your porch or in front of your home, it is a sign of prosperity to come. But, if you chase the cat away, you lose all of that good luck.

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered how to reverse the unfortunate curse of a black cat that crosses your path, the first thing you should do is walk in a circle, followed by going backward across the spot where you met up and then interestingly enough , count to 13.

Cats with Black Spots

If you live in Japan and come in contact with a cat with a black spot, it is believed that it is carrying the soul of a departed ancestor.

White Cats

With all of this talk about black cats, how can you not ponder the fate of a person who crosses paths with a white cat? Throughout the United States, white cats are usually seen as good luck. Even if you have a dream with a white cat in it, you are supposed to enjoy a string of good luck. During the daytime, spotting a cat on the road is seen as a good omen, while if you come across the same cat on the road at night, it’s a sign of bad luck.