Categorization of Secret Societies II

Throughout history, there have been secret societies that have dabbled in the arts of magic and the occult. Others want to use their power and influence to affect the politics that could be in their best interest.  In this article, you will learn more about the different kinds of secret societies that have existed over the centuries.

Occult Secret Societies

The term ‘occult’ translates into hidden, but members of secret societies built upon the occult use esoteric and mystical teachings as their basis of functioning. Occultism may include the practices of paranormal powers, psychic powers, magic, and the supernatural. Some believe that they can communicate with the dead. The occult is often seen as something magical, therefore, it is not uncommon for members to be viewed as witches or sorcerers.

Magical Secret Societies

There are two different interpretations of magic secret societies. The first deals with the use of supernatural powers, such as witchcraft or Satanism. The second refers to the knowledge of the secret laws of nature that can be used to manipulate and control aspects of nature. Some people refer to this practice as paranormal technology.  Other times, it is a reference to the shifts of art and science. A member of a magical secret society may use occult techniques to pursue magic.

Paramilitary Secret Societies

In an effort to achieve their goals, there are secret societies that rely on violence, force and the use of weapons. Membership to the organization often includes people that are considered warriors for the cause. They become involved in a paramilitary group. An example of such a group is the Knights Templar, which date back to medieval times. This society consisted of warrior monks that believed their use of violence was justified to reach a religious end. The Assassins (religious medieval order that formed around 1092 and involved members from Persia and Syria) or the early Triads were groups that embraced paramilitary actions.

Criminal Secret Societies

There are secret societies that engage in illegal activities for their personal gain or for the benefit of a group or organization. An example of a criminal secret society is the Yakuza, which dates back to the 17th century. This traditional organized crime syndicate was and still is based in Japan. The organization has a reputation for following strict codes of conduct and is considered highly organized. In 2009, the number of members was more than 80,000.

Political Secret Societies

With a specific political agenda in mind, there are secret societies that work hard to put the political candidates they want in power. They want to put the people in power that will or most likely support the things that the society stands for. Some may even have a bit of a criminal undertone to their actions. An example of a political secret society is the pre-Nazi neo-Templar society called the Ordo Novi Templi (Order of the New Temple , also called ONT). They were interested in the mystical side of history and were also associated with the occult. In the end, the Nazi regime was able to flourish and gain support.