Celebrities Continue to Embrace the ‘Illuminati Vow of Silence’

As music artists continue to embrace and spread the type of symbolism often associated with the Illuminati, there is a common gesture that is quite popular amongst the entertainment and music industry, and it is known as the ‘Illuminati Vow of Silence’. What looks like a simple ‘hush’ or ‘be quiet’ gesture, is believed to really signify the mentality of ‘keeping silent’ or ‘keeping a secret’ – just like the Illuminati and other secret societies, such as the Freemasons.

While not the first time that the popular boy band One Direction has promoted some of the symbolism related to the Illuminati and other secret societies (including the ‘666’ hand gesture seen in the music video for ‘Best Night Ever’), they’ve recently embraced the ‘vow of silence’ gesture in their video for ‘Midnight Memories.’

This ‘vow of silence’ is one that goes back. Aleister Crowley, the infamous occultist and Satanism, embraced something similar, and conducted his business where the majority of his doctrines were kept secret through initiation practices that took place in his Satanic lodges. The Freemasons are known to have adopted signals of secrecy, conveyed through the way they positioned their fingers and hands.

Other instances in where the ‘vow of silence’ or the kind of ‘hush-don’t tell-type hand gestures seen in popular culture and the entertainment world include the following:

The entire premise of the TV show, ‘ Pretty Little Liars’ is all about keeping secrets, but you can’t help but to take notice to images displaying the girls’ ‘vow of silence.’ Interestingly, if you hadn’t heard of the connection between one of the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actresses supposedly outing the cast of ‘Boy Meets World’ as being members of the Illuminati, this makes an even more intriguing connection.

To take it even further, some celebrities and musicians have fully committed to the ‘vow of silence’ by tattooing the word ‘shhhh…’ on one of their fingers, so that when they place it to their lips – the message reads loud and clear. Lindsey Lohen, Lily Allen, and not surprisingly, suspected Illuminati princess Rihanna, have all had this mark placed on their skin.

In the Kanye West music video for ‘Bound 2,’ the rapper is seen giving the gesture. This entertainer, who has ties to Jay-Z and other suspected associates of the Illuminati, is no stranger to embracing the symbolism often linked to secret societies.

You can always count on Lady Gaga not to disappoint in the Illuminati department. On the cover art for her single, ‘Born this Way,’ the singer not only poses in a deity-like pose, but she also gives the ‘vow of silence’ gesture in combination with single-eye symbolism and her infamous ‘666’ hand gesture.

Justin Bieber has also been caught flashing the ‘vow of silence’ gesture, which is kind of ironic since Illuminati conspiracy theorists believe the young performer is showing signs of going down in a fiery mess from what some feel is his ‘acting out’ to break free from the gripe of his ‘handlers.’ Some call the young singer a casualty of the Illuminati.