Celebrities with Illuminati-Themed Tattoos

Tattoos are one of the most committed ways to demonstrate self-expression ”“ it’s one of the ways people make an important statement about their life or how they feel. This permanent form of body art is also a walking billboard for many different causes and beliefs. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, celebrities are known to embrace tattoo designs that support questionable or negative themes and/or imagery. Because they are in the limelight, these symbols and images have a greater chance of reaching more of the public eye ”“ some of which fall in line with the messages and signs of the Illuminati and Masons.

The more acceptable such symbols and imagery become, the greater the chance of the public (especially the younger generation) of embracing such symbolism. When this happens, those that strive for a New World Order sit back and smile, while others make their agenda much easier to accomplish.

Below you will encounter a list of celebrities who have inked symbols on their body associated with the Illuminati or Masons:

Pyramid/ Illuminated Pyramid

One of the most interesting tattoo collaborations that include a ‘pyramid’ shape appears on the back of Chris Brown, who not only opted for a large serpent, but also added a pyramid/triangle with an eye inside at the end of the snake’s tail ”“ instead of a rattle. This design serves as an incredibly curious choice in tattoo art that blatantly make a nod in the direction of the Illuminati. Brown insists that the tattoo is a reference to the Year of the Snake.

Soulja Boy is a rapper who not only has a song called ‘Third Eye Open’ where he says he can ‘see everything’ and on another note, has conspiracy theorists wondering if he sacrificed his brother to further a successful career, but the young musician also has a pyramid tattoo on his back that follows in the same style as the illuminated pyramid (with the top removed) and all-seeing eye often linked to the Illuminati. There is no eye included, and the pyramid is made out of bricks, but the style is clearly unmistakably a reference to the Illuminati-associated pyramid.

Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and stands for the bringer of wisdom. It is linked to a human’s ability to see clearly and with more truth ”“ something that the Freemasons and Illuminati embrace. The all-seeing eye (or Eye of Horus) is also a popular design for a tattoo, one that Adam Lambert of ‘American Idol’ fame has an Eye of Horus tattoo on his inside wrist.

The Goddess Isis

The ancient Egyptian pyramid that is often associated with the views of the Illuminati is one that incorporates the sun’s rays. This depiction has been linked to the ‘holy fire’ (or semen) of Osiris the Egyptian sun god, which causes the outer structure to shine or become illuminated, as it enters the pyramid’s walls, where the exterior is seen as the womb of the goddess, Isis. In commemoration of her deceased grandmother, suspected Illuminati puppet Rihanna chose a reference to this deity, as she dedicated a tattoo of the Egyptian goddess of Isis in a kneeling pose with wings outstretched below her breasts.

Skull and Crossbones

The Illuminati and Masons are secret organizations or societies that keep their rituals and initiations a secret from others. A skull and crossbones tattoo could represent an interest in pirates or death, but could also make a reference to secret societies. Rihanna has a skull and crossbone-like tattoo on her ankle with a Minnie-Mouse bow (interesting since Mickey Mouse programming is believed to use mind control tactics on today’s youth and youth celebrities).