Celebrities with Tattoos that Pay Homage to the Devil

It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of celebrities who ink an image of the Devil or Satanic symbols on their bodies are not Devil-worshippers or embrace Satanism. Over the years, it’s become commonplace to see a red Devil, Devil horns/tail, and comparisons to Devils and angels being made in the world of celebrity tattoos. These celebrities become walking advertisements for Satan, and the more fans that see his image on the bodies of such stars, the easier it becomes to embrace the Devil.

While a tattoo design may not stand for Satanism in the mind of the inked, it still spreads the imagery and praise of his likeness and what he stands for ”“ evil, meanness, aggression, chaos, violence, and all other things bad or negative. Below you will find a list of celebrities in the entertainment world who have one or more tattoos that incorporate the Devil in its imagery:

The Devil or Satan

Usually, tattoos that incorporate the Devil do so with a depiction of a horned man (sometimes in the form of a beast) with a goatee beard, reddened skin, pointy ears, mischievous smile, and/or long forked tail. He represents the spirit of evil, and is sometimes created with smoke, flames, or other demons as an accompaniment. It’s not uncommon to see a cartoon version of the Devil as a tattoo. Also, the Devil may be featured with other sinful themes, such as adultery, violence, sex, gluttony, and greed. Vida Guerra, who is a glamor model has a little red Devil with pitchfork on her bikini line.

Devil Horns or Tail

The case of Dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel is a curious one. Not only does he have the Devil’s name tattooed on his hand with horns and tail, but he is often depicted wearing a Masonic ring. While the ring could have been passed down from his family, he is certainly proudly wearing the symbol in public. To make matters weirder, the DJ has hit the news of recent for his continued use of skin-bleaching products, which have transformed the music artist into a much lighter, whiter version of himself.

Serpent Tattoos

The serpent often represents corruption, temptation and sin, and usually stems from the events that took place in the Garden of Eden ”“ regarding the downfall of Adam and Eve. The snake tempts Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and significant consequences follow for the world’s first man and woman, which sends their lives into a chaotic downward spiral. The serpent is a popular design for tattoos amongst celebrities, especially in the music world.

Just a few to mention”¦representing the circular flow of things including death and rebirth, Alyssa Milano has a snake biting its own tail on the inside of her right wrist. Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has a snake design on his arm. Musician Brad Roberts (drummer for the rock band Gwar) has a snake tattoo on the back of his left shoulder that wraps around to the side of his shoulder. Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Slash has a snake on his right shoulder.

The Goat (or Baphomet)

From rituals concerning the sacrifice of a goat and the release of another into the wild to carry away the sins of the people, to viewing the cloven-hoofed creatures as a symbol of evil (actually figures into the term ‘scapegoat’), there are some who believe the animals is a representation of the Devil. Most everyone knows that the number of the beast (Satan) is ‘666’ and these digits have found its way on the bodies of musicians. Baphomet is a goat-like deity that represents Satan, which brings us to shock rocker Marilyn Manson, who has a black-inked tattoo of the creature on his arm. Manson also has tattoos of the Devil with dice that read ‘666’, and a skull with a ‘spooky tree’ coming out of its head.