China’s Pyramids

Everybody knows the pyramids from Egypt and South America. Who knows the pyramids from China? Indeed they are less famous but they exist anyway. The greatest pyramid of the world is in fact located in China, near the city of Xian, the white pyramid (1000 feet ~ 300 meters). It is interestingly hiding by the china government who doesn’t authorise to explore this region. They build their space rocket launcher near and military people are all around.

They are several hundreds pyramid in China, they have been built with Earth and looks very much like America ones. We don’t know much about it because of the China government attitude. The White pyramid is hiding by military people. Pictures have been taken in 1945, now it is forbidden to flight over. In the Qin Chuan region, there are 3 pyramids aligned as Orion constellation as it could be seen in -10500 (same as the 3 great pyramids of Egypt). We can today see hundreds of pyramids in China. It is allowed to visit them but it is not the normal tourist way.

Hartwig Hausdorf has written a book about the China connection to extraterrestrial beings (The Chinese Roswell). It describes the pyramids and the difficulty of their construction. Indeed we are not even capable today with our technology to build them (Maybe if we take our time). The book also talks about the Dropas and their disks founded in the region of Bayan Kara Ula between Tibet and China. They are beings crashing on Earth who were unable to repair their spaceships. The Chinese folklores talk also about beings coming from the sky who build these pyramids and become the kings and queen of China. They ruled the world and were known as gods.

You can see pictures at http://www.trilobia.com/pyramids.htm We must investigate these pyramids and what they have inside. We discovered lot’s of thing when we discovered the North America’s pyramids. Their alignment with the celestial bodies and the precision of the Indian knowledge was impressive; they knew more than we know now. China’s pyramids can also bring us lots of knowledge.