Christian Groups in India Alarmed by Increase in Satanic Worship and Rituals

Satanic worship and rituals are not only a threat to youths in the United States, but in recent news, the recent actions of teenagers from the state of Nagaland (located in Northeast India) are in the headlines because of their involvement in Satanic groups. Spreading through various social networks about the state, it has been reported that the last few months has seen an upswing in activity – stating that more than 3,000 young people have been identified as ‘worshippers of Satan’ in Kohima, which is the capital of Nagaland. In an effort to counter the spread of the practice, various local Christian communities have decided to actively put an end to the teenagers’ behavior.

Since April, local Christians representing various groups throughout Nagaland have organized a ‘crusade’ to locate teens involved in Satan worship, and to pull them away from their Devil-worshipping affiliations. For example, the mothers of the “Catholic Association of the Women of Nagaland” turned to the streets as a way to save their children. They’ve been meeting with others to figure out ways on how to make a difference, and one of the approaches was to establish a program that helps stop what they call “the terrible practice that touches our children.”

While Satanic worship has always existed in some form, it’s been reported that the past five years have seen skyrocketing numbers amongst youths in parts of India. According to Reverend Zotuo Kiewhuo, Pastor of the Baptist Church in Kohima, young people have been practicing Satanic worship throughout the schools and universities. One of the primary ways that children and teens are exposed to the Satanic culture is through websites and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The cultural influences that today’s children encounter is also far different than the traditional values once instilled in the younger generation. There are many more pitfalls and opportunities for children to fall victim to the temptation of the Devil and Satanic worship.

The local Christians have acknowledged this trend, and see it has a hazard to the social, cultural and spiritual well-being of their young.

In Nagaland, the state accommodates a population that is 95% Christian. Despite the strong religious influence throughout the state, it is said that a ‘Satanic underground Church’ is already established in the region. To counter the Church’s influence, as well as that of the media and peer pressure, the mothers wish to remind and strengthen their children’s familiarity with the Christian faith. One of the ways they hope to make a difference is to stress the importance of family and the presence of Jesus Christ.

In an encounter with a 12-year-old student who admitted to practicing Satanic worship, Pastor Shan Kikon of the Protestant-based “Faith Harvest Church” in Nagaland, says that friends, outside cultures, the mass media, and social networks play an important role in influencing these children. He also mentions that Satan has already infiltrated Christian communities by drumming up confusion, mistrust, and division amongst practitioners.

In response to the alarm spreading across Nagaland, the Secretary of the Commission “Justice and Peace” Charles Irudayam expressed his shock regarding the news, but clarified that Satanism was not a widespread phenomenon in India.