Claim: The Pentagon Admits It Has A UFO

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I recently heard a Radio One program in the UK that contained an interview
with a leading proponent of the popular “US Government has aliens locked up
and is experimenting with their space planes” conspiracy theory. However
this particular individual sounded very reasonable, did not make any outrageous
claims, and further had some interesting facts to disclose. In particular he
mentioned several verifiable facts which I would like some follow-up on:

Rockwell International and NASA were planning a *massive* joint exhibition of
space exploration this year (1991) but it was delayed inexplicably until 1992.
In the *official* prospectus for this exhibition, one of the exhibits was
clearly stated to be “an extraterrestrial space craft”. When asked
about this by various individuals, all enquiries were referred by NASA to the US
DoD. An unnamed Pentagon spokesman speaking off the record is meant to have
indicated that they “had a number of such vehicles to choose from…”
The Pentagon also held a press conference to deal with press inquiries on this
matter – and refused to answer any questions. In fact reporters later said that
the Pentagon had asked most of the questions, and they all pertained to
“what would be the public reaction if…”.

The guy on the radio program referred extensively to two NASA consultant
engineers who claimed to have worked on alien spacecraft studying propulsion
systems for NASA – both had high level security clearance in the States, were
verifiably employed by NASA as senior consultant engineers, and both were phoned
in the States by the station in a follow-up program (which I missed) the next
day. The follow-up program incidentally was only scheduled at the last minute
due to record phone calls from the public swamping Radio 1’s 64 line

He also claimed that a NSA official had told him off the record that the NSA
was in “electronic communication” with at least eight extraterrestrial
sources of intelligent communication…

He claimed that he possessed a recording of a telephone conversation with an
ex deputy director of the CIA (Casey’s deputy as I recall), who said that they
(the CIA) had possession of quite a few alien artefacts, including bodies,
spacecraft and other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

He also verified on tape claims that several alien landings at US AFBs had
occured in the past, and in some cases were common knowledge amongst certain
groups of AFB personnel: “Hear what came in this morning, Joe?”…

Various farmers in a certain area of the US (I forget the state that was
mentioned) regularly discovered bloodless (drained) cattle in various stages of
dismemberment in the early morning. These animals had had certain glands, body
parts, or body fluids surgically removed with a precision beyond the
capabilities of all but the most advanced surgical laboratories. This problem
was so bad that in one place a farmer was in danger of going bust due to loss of
cattle. One explanation advanced was that aliens were using these cattle as a
convenient source of various rare chemicals/tissues.

The technology in the latest black projects that have progressed to flight
hardware – Aurora, Strike, etc. – seems to be well beyond the capabilities of
current commercial (defense/aerospace) technology. In particular ablative
control surfaces and reliable flight control at speeds in excess of Mach 4 are
characteristics of such craft, sightings of which are widespread in Nevada along
with reliable evidence (supersonic boom disruption?) of such speeds.

Any comments/hard info. on any of these assertions would be much appreciated
– please post as I am sure others are interested too.


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