Clash of the Titans Movie Plot Part II

Once Perseus learns that if he kills the Kraken, he will have exacted revenge against Hades, Perseus agrees to assist the king. The warrior then begins a journey with the best soldiers in Argos to locate the Stygian Witches. To change the course of Perseus’ mission, Hades gains the help of Acrisius (who now goes by the name of Calibos). It is his order to kill Perseus and thanks to Hades, he is given superhuman powers.

Note: If you do not want to hear any spoilers regarding this movie, do not read this article or Part II of this article.

As Perseus travels in a wooded area, he finds a sword forged in Olympus that will only become powerful if Perseus is in charge of it. He later becomes separated from his group and finds himself face to face with Zeus’ sacred herd of flying horses, the Pegasus. All in all, Perseus declines the gifts that the gods offer (the sword and the black Pegasus). He has no interest in becoming a god or being treated as such.

Calibos manages to attack Perseus’ group and attempts to take his life. However, he is unsuccessful and also loses his hand in the process. From Calibos’s blood, huge scorpions come out of the sand to attack Perseus and the remaining members of his group. They are able to kill a handful of scorpions, but in the end, the majority of Perseus’s men are dead. As more scorpions zero in on the men, the Djinn (known as a collection of sorcerers that live in the desert who were at one time humans). The sorcerers help out by hypnotizing the scorpions. After healing the wounded Perseus, the leader of the Djinn (Sheikh Suleiman) joins Perseus and his men because they do not want to see the gods destroy any cities.

When Perseus and his group make it to the Garden of Stygia, the Stygian Witches tell them that the head of the Gorgon Medusa has the power to kill the Kraken. They also warn the men that they will perish in the process. After departing the witches, Perseus receives a visit from his father who offers him asylum on Mount Olympus. Perseus declines the offer.

Will Perseus obtain the head of Medusa? Will he be able to defeat his enemies and save the city of Argos? Will he find love by the end of the tale?

The Clash of the Titans was released on April 2, 2010, so look for its DVD movie release to learn of Perseus’ fate.
In the movie, the following actors and actresses brought the characters of the Greek myth to life:  Sam Worthington (as Perseus), Liam Neeson (as Zeus), Ralph Fiennes (as Hades), Gemma Arterton (as Io), and Izabella Miko (as Athena).

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