Clothing Companies that Incorporate ‘666’ Into Their Designs

From Devil horns to pentagrams, a collection of fashion related companies have utilized a range of known Satanic symbols when designing items for their clothing lines. However, one of the most recognizable nods to Satan or Satanic worship is the triples sixes (666) – also known as the Number of the Beast. With some companies paying homage to those infamous three digits in their brand name to others simply churning out Satanic designs, there is an increasing number of people (especially in the younger generation) who don’t give it a second thought to throw on a T-shirt with ‘666’ across it.

There used to be a time where people would avoid ‘666’ in the same manner as the unlucky number 13. In the past, triple sixes signified a number associated with Satan worshipers, but times have certainly changed – the number and other Devil-related symbolism finds its way into popular culture. The younger generation also tends to gravitate to the number as a way to show rebellion. Some of the clothing companies supplying the designs include the following:

Sinner Clothing

It’s no wonder with a name like Sinner Clothing by Justin Whitesel that you’d find designs that incorporate ‘666.’ Using a slightly abstract stroke, you not only see the Satanic digits splashed across the front of their 666 (Raglan) T-shirt, but also what appears to be an inverted cross.

666 Kitten

In addition to paying homage to ‘666’ in their name, some of the designs associated with 666 Kitten include this pink top with a cat and ‘666’ underneath. This clothing company specialized in punk-style type of clothes, and also makes use of the pentagram,

Killer Condo

With numerous articles of clothing that incorporate questionable imagery, references to the Devil, and Illuminati related symbolism, Killer Condo also enjoys using ‘666’ in some of the company’s designs. Just in time for the holidays, the company sells a red and white anti-Christmas sweater that has a ‘Merry 666-Mas’ message that accompanies an inverted cross symbol. The ChanHELL no. 666 Parody Unisex Sweatshirt sold by Killer Condo has a Satanic take on the ultra-popular perfume Chanel, and the naming of their fragrances by number. The Hang Loose Lucifer T-shirt uses a demonic hand to create a hand gesture typically associated with surfers. A tattooed ‘666’ decorates the knuckles of the hand.

Three 6 Mafia

The members of Three 6 Mafia not only produce hit rap records and singles, but have also appeared in their own reality TV show, won Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, and made other movie appearances. As you can see, part of the group’s name makes reference to ‘666,’ which comes into play in regards to some of the projects they undertake. For example, the rap group also has their own clothing company called Dangerus Skandulus, which sells attire that incorporate ‘666.’ Their black and red ‘666’ T-Shirt shows a pentagram inside of a circle with three 6’s decorating the outside of the symbol.

Triple Six Clothing

Upon visiting the website for the online clothing shop called Triple Six Clothing, it’s clear to see the kind of message that the company means to send. The front page clearly states: “We sell shirts. We kill people. That’s about it.” While the last known designs for the company date back to 2010, the company has been around since 2002 – creating T-shirts that called ‘Forgotten Army,’ ‘Social Cleansing,’ and ‘Dark Horsemen.’ Some of the designs incorporate ‘666,’ including a stencil-designed T-shirt dedicated solely to the Number of the Beast. Current social media channels identify Triple Six Clothing has offering bondage-related items, which are pictured using skulls as props.