Common End of the World Predictions

For centuries upon centuries, people have been making end of the world predictions , some of which are pinpointed to a precise year, month, and in some cases , the exact day. From a violent and sudden end eliminating all life on earth to the second coming of Christ, the many different theories and predictions vary from culture to religion. In this article, we will explore some of the end of the world predictions made throughout time.

When it comes to predicting the end of the world, it’s usually not a pretty sight. Violence and pain are usually characteristics that come with the ‘end.’ Some believe it will come tied into a greater religious event or cause, such as God punishing most of humanity with a great wrath for all of the wrong they have committed. Around the world, major social and political unrest can threaten the future of the world, transforming people and communities into chaos, where the value of a human life means nothing. This depiction of the world is often portrayed in movies, such as Escape from New York.

Global warming is already attacking major plant and animal species. Before long, the damaging rays of the Sun and other environmental hazards could become the downfall of the planet. Global warming already affects climate change and weather conditions. Floods, landslides, earthquakes, and other threats are already starting to increase across the world , taking the lives of thousands.

Others believe a “war of Armageddon” will take place , focused on a specific location in the world. With the most recent political events, this event may occur in the Middle East or Korea. The end of the world may even come down to destruction that comes from outer space. An asteroid may threaten the world’s population. A meteor shower could wreak havoc around the world. The Sun may burn the world or vital resources to oblivion. Some astronomers predict that a collision between Earth and another planet could become a reality.

While an endless number of predictions have been made since ancient times, there is one thing to let out a sigh of relief. None of the predictions have come true. Even when people predicted that the world was in danger when the calendars, clocks and everything else would have to respond to the year 2000. That year has come and gone , the destruction predicted did not take shape. Over time, the major earthquakes, civil disruptions, tornados, religious conflict, and other disturbing events have taken place, but nothing has resulted or even come close to the end of the world.  

However, people still predict the end of the world and many Americans even believe that the events that have been prophesized will even take place in their lifetime. Others feel that the planet will suffer irreversible damage in the far future, as current conditions continue to worsen. Then there is a population of people that believe the end of the world will take place from something completely out of our hands , a big asteroid hitting the earth and creating unknown changes across the world.