Conspiracy Theories , Celebrity Deaths II

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Did a famous celebrity orchestrate their own death to escape the spotlight? When a famous person dies, some people find it extremely hard to believe that they are no longer living. Add a few look-a-likes roaming the world and you have a conspiracy theory on your hands. One of the most famous celebrity sightings is musician Elvis Presley. Others conspiracy theories involving the death of well-known personalities include Tupac Shakur and John Lennon.

Elvis Presley (1977)

A drug overdose is said to have killed the King of Rock & Roll, as his body underwent multiple complications and organ failures. Elvis has been one of the most famous of celebrities that people think is still alive , with sightings of the musician being reported all over the world. There were still questions that surrounded his death that caused the conspiracy theories to develop. Some people believe that Elvis is still alive somewhere writing music and recording tracks. Some believed that photos taken of the dead man were not Elvis, and that he had looked much different in his last years of life.

Other theories include:

The body at Elvis’s funeral was a wax dummy, but the embalming process can give a waxy look to remains.

He faked his own death so that he would be able to enjoy freedom as a non-celebrity.

John Lennon (1980)

John Chapman took the life of John Lennon by shooting him, but it was known that the FBI was tracking the member of the singing group, The Beatles, in the early 70s. They had tried to deport the singer when he took a vocal stance against the Vietnam War. Some people actually believe that Lennon was killed by remote control and that the FBI was part of the plot. This theory has been dubbed the “Manchurian Candidate” theory, which follows in the footsteps of a 1962 film where a war hero was programmed to assassinate a presidential candidate.

Even his son, Sean, believes that the U.S. government may have played a role in the death of his father. Other theories involve other Presidents, such as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. The Masons are another group that is thought by some to have wanted Lennon dead.

Tupac Shakur (1996)

The hip hop poet was shot and killed, but some believe the murder could have been staged to help Tupac avoid going to jail on pending rape charges. After his death, albums continued to release in his name and it seemed that he had endless materials waiting in the wings , prompting some to believe that he was actually still alive. Others think he went into the Witness Protection Program and is helping the FBI with an ongoing investigation of Death Row Records. The exact numbers and associated meanings that relate to the circumstances of his death have led some to believe that his murder or death was perfectly planned and orchestrated.