Conspiracy Theories: Death Plots

Death is a difficult occurrence to deal with, especially when a notable or powerful figure is killed in the prime of their life or career. Because of the significance of certain personalities throughout history, some people believe that certain groups with an ‘evil’ agenda have played a role in their deaths. The list includes musician John Lennon, Princess Diana, and former President Abraham Lincoln.

Conspiracy theories involving the murder of another include the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr (civil rights leader) who was shot and killed while he stood on the balcony of a room at the Lorraine Motel at Memphis Tennessee.  The murderer was a man named James Earl Ray, who was captured two months after King had died. Ray was caught at London Heathrow Airport, as he tried to leave the United Kingdom using a false Canadian passport.

Across from the Lorraine Motel, there was a boarding house that James Earl Ray was staying at when he released the shot that took the life of King. A fire station was positioned right next to the boarding house, where police officers were conducting surveillance on King. They watched his every move after they used paper placed over the windows with peepholes. When King was shot, agents saw the entire episode play out in front of their eyes. After King was shot, agents rushed out of the station and towards the motel. The first person to administer first aid to King was actually an undercover police officer. Since the FBI was uncooperative and an all-points bulletin was never put out, many started to think that the FBI had something to do with the assassination of the civil rights leader.

The assassination of U.S. President John F Kennedy was a difficult pill to swallow and inconsistencies in testimonies and eyewitness accounts led some to believe that others beyond the criminal accused for his death (Lee Harvey Oswald) had a hand in his murder. Some thought the Mafia played a role in his death, while others speculated that Russian spies were responsible.

President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas during a political trip to the state. A single shot entered his upper back, but it was a second shot to the head that killed him. His death marked the youngest President in office or living to die. A local police officer arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for murdering Kennedy. He maintained his innocence , telling people that he was just a patsy. Before he was indicted for the crime or stood trial, he was killed by Jack Ruby.

As questions surfaced about the death of Kennedy, the Warren Commission was created by President Johnson to investigate the assassination. They concluded that Oswald acted alone. The results of the investigation have been disputed by many who believe others were involves in a conspiracy against Kennedy.