Continuous Illuminati Symbolism Found in Call of Duty Video Game Franchise

‘Call of Duty’ is one of the most popular video games on the market, and over the years, the series has sold more than 100 million copies of Xbox titles, Playstation titles, and computer downloads.  The game basically follows a storyline centered on a first-person and third-person shooter game theme – mainly set during the World War II era in some of the earlier titles. Interestingly, Illuminati symbolism has become a part of the artwork and gameplay of a handful of Call of Duty titles.

The increase of Illuminati related symbolism in the Call of Duty video game franchise seems to have started after the release of Modern Warfare – the fourth installment of the series. Such symbolism has been especially pointed out in Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops, and Black Ops II. Below you will find a range of examples on how Illuminati symbolism has been incorporated into the Call of Duty video game franchise:

Modern Warfare 3

The all-seeing eye pyramid is one of the glaring Illuminati-related symbols found in Modern Warfare 3, which marks the eighth installment of the Call of Duty series, and the third installment of the Modern Warfare lineup of games. The storyline of the game includes a fictionalized battle between the U.S. and Russia, where the Third World War emerges. NATO allied nations and “ultra-nationalist Russia’ are the two sides at odds.

In the game, there is a mission set in New York City, where scenes resembling the 9-11 attacks are shown. To complete their objective, players must reach the stock exchange, which has been renamed MSE. The symbol that represents what is supposed to be the New York Stock Exchange (or NYSE) is a pyramid with an all-seeing eye, as shown below. In another scene, an advertisement for the MSE (with the all-seeing eye pyramid appears again in the game).

There are other features within the game that makes use of the all-seeing eye pyramid, including the “Sitrep perk,” which gives a player the ability to see claymores, where they can easily find hidden traps before anyone else can do so.

The pyramid is not the only piece of symbolism found in the game, there is an intentionally-inserted symbol of the Freemasons as well – the Freemasonry square and compasses – which is used as a random team logo (shown below).

Call Of Duty:  Black Ops 2

Released in 2012, this installment in the franchise was the first time that science fiction settings and weapons were incorporated into the storyline. Set in the 1980s and 2025, the gameplay includes Strike Force Missions and even a ‘Zombies’ mode.

Illuminati symbolism found in this game includes single-eye symbolism found in the artwork of cars.

In addition to secret society symbolism, signs of the occult and Satanism have also been detected by players. For example, sometimes when a car is blown up…an image that some have likened to a Devil-like figure with horns, such as Baphomet, has been detected.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Released in November of 2013, Call of Duty: Ghosts is the latest and tenth main installment of the series. A new type of gameplay referred to as ‘squads’ is introduced in this game selection, as well as other multi-player game features to explore. The plot centers on the hijacking of the controlling space station of the Orbital Defense Initiative (ODIN) – interestingly named after a Norse god of war and death.  ODIN is an orbital superweapon that uses “kinetic bombardment” to destroy several cities located in the U.S.

The entire plot of the game has a New World Order feel to it.

Loading maps on the game include a ‘666’ in the number scheme, which is accompanied by a pyramid icon comprised of several different triangles. One of the loading maps displays a totem-like structure, which is decorated with the all-seeing eye, as seen below:

A new title in the Call of Duty series is slated for release in 2014…what sort of Illuminati symbolism will this selection have? Only time will tell.