Cracking Knuckles, Swallowing Gum & More

There are plenty of no no’s that our parents (especially our mothers) warn us about that we may find ourselves repeating to our own children. Whether or not we take these warnings as gospel when we were younger, many of us truly consider the truth to these words as we age. Then we got ahead and pass them onto our children. In this article, we will explore what happens when we crack out knuckles and more.


Have you ever cracked your knuckles and been told that if you don’t stop this practice, you will develop arthritis? Although the sound can be excruciatingly annoying, it will not, however, cause arthritis to develop. The outcome could be much worse. Continuously cracking your knuckles will lead to a painful swelling in the joints that could result in more serious medical problems than arthritis. Also, if you should already suffer from the condition of arthritis, you will only make the issue worse, as well as worsen the damage in your joints. In other words, what your mother told you was sound advice only it is only half true.


So, maybe while cooking a grilled cheese on the stove you encountered a burn or two in your youth. How many kids had their mothers slathering on butter to their burns? Passed on from generation to generation, mothers have been treating burns with butter when in fact; it is really not a good thing to do. When you put butter or anything containing grease (like some lotions) on burns, you will actually seal in the heat, which can lead to a worsening of the burned skin.


Some children may recall that their burn may have not gotten worse, but it seemed to be sore for several days after. When common burns strike, applying a cool cloth or Aloe Vera juice from the plant will help. This is a nice remedy if you do not have any burn cream or ointment in your possession. When looking for something cool, you should also refrain from using ice. Cool cloths or holding the burn under cool running water will lessen the heat and reduce the chances of suffering skin damage.


Now, you must be living in the Ice Age if you’ve never heard the old wives tales regarding swallowing your gum. For some, it is an uncontrollably habit that individuals partake in without a second thought. There are plenty of tales attached to this subject. Some believed that the gum would stick to your ribs. Others told their children that it took seven years for the body to digest gum, while some claimed it never left your body.


All of these beliefs and superstitions regarding chewing and/or bubble gum are false and just like everything else you put into your mouth, will travel straight to the stomach. Digestion then takes place and does so at the same rate as it would a piece of fruit or slab of steak.