Creating Thrust with High Voltage Capacitors

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Method of Producing Thrust Using High Voltage Capacitors

by Terry Bastian


A reaction thrust drive works by using off center spinning weights to produce an overall motion in one direction. (see reaction & inertial drives.)

These systems are plagued by bearings, friction, large size, and material fatigue.


To overcome these short commings, use the natural rotation of an electron in an atom….

By having 2 atoms with their electron spins in opposite directions and locked in a matrix will cause a fore an back motion overall and a negation of all side to side motion…

If we distort the electrons orbit to increase its distance on one side of the atom and decrease it on the other side, we would create an unbalanced inertial force on the loger side…

By increasing the distortion sufficicently we could produce an overall motion in one direction…..(distortion factor) The atomic structure would vibrate at a mechanical frequency while under this motion……..(GHZ and higher)

The electrons would emit photons while in its lowest orbit energy state……

The force created would be increased by the nimber of electrons present in the operation and distortion placed on each one…… The distortion required would need to be at least enough to overcome the mass of the electrons and atomic nucleus…. The effect probly will only work upon active distortion and cease upon stable distortion…….(charging and discharging VS constant charge)


The method to distort the electron orbits is a 2 or more plate flat capcitor and to apply a high voltage……..(kilovolts to mega) The negativily charged plate would repulse the electron and the positive plate would attract it distorting the orbit about the atomic nucleus………

The substance (dielectric) between the plates would then, under the proper distortion, have a force twords the positive plate…….

To prodice an efficent force the electron orbits need to be in a 50/50 rotation in opposite directions so as to work together and negate all other motion side to side…..

One way is to manufacture or orient the spin axis in atorroid or doughnut shape so to make the axis allign together but atoms on opposite sides of the torus are of the opposite orientation and rotation thus the nullifying of side to side motions…..

This could be done by spin casting the dielectric or using an torroidal and axial magnetic fields in manufatcuring and or in actual distortion use……….

The dielectric must be chosen to provide for adequate leakage to maintain a active charge rate and also have an extremely high dielectric constant factor and lastly have a high voltage breakdown potential level. There are many other considerations to take in account for and other methods to apply like MHD technology and resonant frequency feeding and application of diamagnetic/dielectric materials and Hall effects…..

This has been released to hopefully show that these things are in our grasp to understand and duplicate and that THEY ARE POSSIBLE!!!!!….

This is the sole discovery of theory by Terrance A. Bastian in 1990…..

Replies and criticism are welcome……..15 JULY 1992

This is the sole theory of Terrance A. Bastian…..discovered in 1990.