Creepy Crawly Facts: Spiders

With eight menacing legs, spiders have had a long history of being a creepy, crawly member of the insect family. From the deadly black widow to the hairy tarantula, this article explores some of the interesting facts concerning spiders.

The Ultimate Sacrifice
There are certain species of female spiders that will sacrifice their bodies as food in order to feed their offspring. One species known to follow this behavior is the Australian crab spider.

Making Sweet Music
In an attempt to attract female spiders, some male spiders will pluck their cobwebs like a guitar.

Fried Spiders
If you fry a spider and eat it, expect it to taste similar to nuts.

Mouse Spiders
While they are not aggressive, the male mouse spider will sting if provoked and it’s poison can cause death , especially in young children and the elderly. Immediate medical attention is needed to have a chance of fighting off the toxins. The spiders live in deep burrows, but the male will wander about the ground during the day when looking for a female mate.

Largest Spider Ever
A fossil of the largest spider ever recorded was found in Argentina and was called the Megarachne, which possessed a diameter of 50 centimeters.

Black Widow Spider Bites
Just because a black widow spider bites you doesn’t mean you’ve been handed an automatic death sentence. Less than 1% of all people that have been bitten by this species of spider are placed at risk for dying. The anti-venom saves the majority of bite victims. Also, only the female black widow spider is able to inflict a poisonous bite on a victim. The males have non-poisonous venom. They also do not attack their prey.  

Hobo Spiders
If you live in Colorado, Washington, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, or Idaho , be on the lookout for hobo spiders, which delivers a slow-working poison when biting their victim. The bite is initially painless, but will cause symptoms to emerge within 24 to 36 hours. You will find red blisters and feel nauseous. Headaches and vomiting will follow. Other people will experience a loss of memory, fatigue, and eye problems.

In Large Numbers
In the world, there is an estimated 34,000 species of spiders crawling around.

Male Versus Female
Male spiders are usually smaller in size than their female counterparts.

Deadly Spider Count
Out of all the species of spiders in the world, only 27 species are known to kill humans with their bite.

Deadly Australian Spider
Australia is known for playing host to a wide range of creatures and there is no shortage of spiders on this continent. The red back spider possesses a red stripe and has venom that brings on severe pain, yet rarely causes deaths. While thousands of people are bitten, only around 20% of victims need treatment. Small children and the elderly should use the most caution when encountering this spider. Also, this is one of the few species of spider that uses sexual cannibalism while mating.