Another suspense of nature are the creatures whose existence has not been substantiated. The study of such creatures is termed as Cryptozoology.

These mysterious and enticing creatures like Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, Chupacabro, and the skunk ape of Australia and lesser known mysterious creatures are called Cryptids.

Cryptozoology received bad repute because of its cynicism, disregard for scientifically supported facts and theories. Cryptozoologists do not abet the integrity of cryptozoology. Cryptozoology can, be a sensible, appealing and even scientific subject, if examined with a open-mind and a scientific perspective.

Cryptozoology requires a high level interest as it’s a very extensive field. Cryptozoologists time and again write about things of which they are indecisive, and therefore make elementary errors of scientific reasoning and fact. There by losing their credibility over mainstream Scientists.

The idea of vital thinking is intangible. The Cryptozoologists must be dynamic to blend all the information that he has gathered from his many sources, apply it to a logical outline, and then decide if there is a cryptid, worth investigating among his work. Often, cryptozoologists base their theories and encourage the existence of a cryptid upon slight proof that could be easily explained by some other phenomenon. Their investigations doesn’t contain any critical data, relying on substantiation and supporting unacceptable scientifically explanation. Thus research is extremely important in deciding whether the cryptid does really exist in present scientific awareness.

Significant thought and extremely deep research are very important in cryptozoology. Unless this is followed dutifully cryptozoology will be snubbed by traditional zoology and will linger upon, as a Paranormal entity.

Cryptozoology is considered to be a branch of science by Cryptozoologists but other scientist denied its acceptance as science, due to its incredulous thinking and irrational conclusions.

Cryptozoology is not an unusual thinking instead it generates new facts that negates scientific facts which were accepted. First-rate logical research remains open to falsifiability no matter which paradigms takes its effect and cryptozoology performs inadequately in that regard. As said earlier scientists do not regard cryptozoology as an applicable science not because they don’t like it, but they consider it to be unscientific with poor substantiation and unacceptable theories.

Some of the Crypids are:

Chupacabra usually called as latin americas goat sucker is an unknown animal to science. It’s a  systematic killing animal.

The Loch Ness Monster considered to be living in Scotland’s Loch Lake. “Nessie” as she is called first is the best known cryptozoological creature in the world.

Big Foot called as the Missing Link which is considered to be an unknown apes and hominids.

Cryptozoology is a captivating field but it fails as a science. Cryptozoology may have helped in the discovery of some new species and suggest new areas for zoological research, But for its irrational or credulous analysis of cryptozoological cases. Cryptozoologists are too carefree in their conclusions, and don’t bother to incorporate scientific data that refutes what they are proposing. Cryptozoological theories should have been explained with non-radical and acceptable facts.

Due to the Inevitable complications arising from studying mysterious animals, cryptozoology may never be accepted as genuine science. But it can adopt scientific methodologies that will help its acceptance. An accurate scientific approach will eradicate much of the credulous thinking and improbable ideas that pervade the field, leading to more success and respect from mainstream scientists.