Cycle of Knowledge – Creation, Dissolution, Perpetuation of lLfe and Living Universe

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Life and knowledge are principle to everything. There is no strict definition to knowledge. Wikipedia organization defines it as “the awareness and understanding of facts, truths or information gained in the form of experience or learning (a posteriori), or through introspection (a priori). Knowledge is an appreciation of the possession of interconnected details which, in isolation, are of lesser value”. The WorldNet of Princeton education defines it as  “cognition: the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning”


The basic quest for knowledge is centered  to find a control, thus attain order, peace, happiness and security to life. It is an aim to take control of once own destiny. Human kind has sought knowledge through his mind. Principally there are three ways in which mankind has acquired knowledge.


1] By observing the outside world [material world] through his mind bonded to self [science]

2] By observing the inner world by his mind again bonded to self [the base of spiritual and moral world]

3] By submission of his mind and self to cosmic forces that bind everything into one [faith that triggers the internal instinct to communicate with living cosmic force] and leads to revelation of truth.


Faith and communication with nature is the source and other two emerge as paths in which the knowledge grows. Common sense and reasoning tells us that the Man, the seeker of knowledge, is integral part of nature. He cannot perceive the truth unless he becomes one with nature. So the basic requirement to perceive true knowledge is to become one with nature. A mind bonded to “self” limits the perception of knowledge gained and determines how the knowledge gets expressed. Advancement in Knowledge gained in any path should account the previous knowledge gained in the path and should go to explain something more.


True knowledge comes only when one explores the depth of outer world, inner world and takes the path of faith attaining freedom from self. This is when man beaks the bondage of material forces and religion and develops a true communication and information flow with cosmic forces that leads him to the perception of reality. It reveals a third path a balancing one that traverses between the two. Let us now explore these aspects


Knowledge obtained by observing the outside world

Modern approach to knowledge is more physical and comes from observation of the outer world from his mind bonded to self. It comes from divisive approach of mechanistic era. Where the whole system is broken to its component part and studied. Consequently we have discovered various organs, its functions, different types of cells different parts within the cells and the elaborate information system that enfolds and unfold periodically. We have understood earth, sun, solar system, and galaxies and so on elaborately. Scientific quest to understand nature physically and mechanically by dismantling life and nature has led to complexity with no signs of unearthing the truth on which nature is constructed and functioning. His effort has left him with more questions than he has solved, more diseases than he has conquered. His efforts are producing opposite of what he seeks from acquisition of knowledge. It does not tell us the basic interrelationship and oneness of nature. It does not tell us how time was created and how it is going to end and begin again. It has ended in creating individual, family, and community, nations that are restless and unstable. We are now living in the brink of disaster with abrupt climate change that has serious implications. Mother earth is quaking, flooding, burning, erupting and sun is fluctuating as never before. [Observation from NASA and a lot of other scientists and scientific organization support a fact that the earth and solar system is undergoing some unknown transformation]. All the facts from nature its evaluation from our common senses clearly suggest we are acting from a wrong knowledge base or as the Vedas puts it we are living in world of Maya  [non real world]


Very clearly science lacks the inter connectedness and all the partial knowledge he has acquired is turning to be of little value for him to survive against nature that is increasingly quaking, burning, erupting and flooding. In fact the partial scientific knowledge acquired is increasing disorder, restlessness and destruction at all levels of the society and is virtually endangering the very survival of humanity.


Knowledge obtained from the observation of the inner world

When mind fails to seek peace, order and happiness by exploring the outer world, it is natural that it turns to the opposite and explores the inner world. This journey of the mind and acquisition of knowledge in this path is the cause for the imposition of codes, laws that maintain order. It forms the backbone of health of an individual, family, community, nations and the whole. They form the spiritual knowledge that has deteriorated by the bondage to self to form religion. These codes and laws that are path to health, peace order and happiness appears to have come from root knowledge obtained through faith and true freedom that leads to true communication with cosmic forces.


Knowledge from faith and instinctive communication with

living Cosmic Force

This appears the root knowledge or truth that mankind seeks. What mankind seeks but fails, nature, time and its creator gives. In this truth or true knowledge lies the creation of time and its initialization. In it exist creation, dissolution and initialization of time cycle. Only this knowledge revealed has the capacity to bring order and pace to humanity and save him from destruction. This knowledge cannot be perceived unless one submits ones mind and self and attains the freedom. For the universal whole there can be only one center, and only from this center can one perceive the whole? The only way to perceive the whole is to sacrifice once own “self” and submit to the center unconditionally. In this process one can transform though the center and can have the perception of the whole. This act of transforming through the center by faith is understood as “New Birth” or “Born in Spirit” and it is the ultimate aim of all spiritualists. This act is known by many names, Nirvana, Moksha etc.


It is important that I write few words about ancient knowledge system called Vedas. Vedas are knowledge system gained by ancient Rishi’s. Lot of religion and cultures have come out of it, but in its root it teaches individuals the art of silencing once mind and self to communicate with cosmic force to know truth. Unlike the modern education system and religion that kills the mind and intelligence of youth and imprisons it into some mechanical slot and belief systems, the Vedas work to break all the bondages to liberate the individual mind and soul to seek the truth. It educates the art of self- exploration by breaking barriers built over time and covering the mind that restricts our perception of the whole and truth


The two vortexes in which humanity is caught

The modern man exists in two vortexes and they are peaking toward self-destruction. One is the material vortex, the other is spiritual. As of today the material vortex is dominant the other is recessive. The modern man bonded to self and material quest has lost his instinctive intelligence to perceive the living realities. He has let loose all the material knowledge revealed to him for the expression of his negative “self” that is manifesting as conquering and corrupt motive causing the great disorder and destruction.


One positive aspect of the design of the world that is tending to disorder under self and material quest, is the revival of human spiritual realm. However in the absence of true knowledge, the inter relationship and oneness, even the spiritual realm that is under the influence of self has divided into  multitude of religion causing a great concern to humanity and its survival. These two vortexes are peaking and is the cause of all the disorder and destruction that the world is witnessing including the natural catastrophes and terrorism. The order cannot come to this world unless these two apparently divergent vortex collapses to become one and then differentiates into two changing the power to the spiritual realm. Since these vortexes are the creation of human mind. The time is actually stressing the human mind to evolve into higher order such that the huge energy of these vortexes that is creating disorder and destruction diffuses into cosmos to attain new order. This diffusion can only come when mankind realizes the inter relationship and oneness of nature. A new realm of advancement in knowledge that satisfies both the developments in science and religion can only save humanity from impending disaster. Before we go to explore this unity let us evaluate the concept of knowledge it self.


The Reality of Knowledge

Knowledge acquisition as we discussed is essentially has two paths one physical and the other spiritual both stem from a third form called faith that helps us to communicate with nature or the living cosmos to perceive certain facts of nature. But these facts under human self and ignorance take a negative expression. There are two entities to knowledge, the Seeker of Knowledge [student] and Giver of knowledge [teacher]. The giver of knowledge is time and nature. The limit and type of knowledge student acquires depends on the limit and type of knowledge the student seeks.


The knowledge of the oneness comes from faith and revelations from the spirit in time. The Knowledge obtained from nature and time by many individuals is perpetuated through the Student. Giver here becomes the teacher or Guru. The limit of the knowledge the student gains form teacher relates to what the student’s mind seeks. Our attempts to seek knowledge is limited and influenced by our own “self”, its conquering motive and corruption. So we fail to perceive the true knowledge. It is true for both physical and spiritual realm.


A teacher evolves as teacher of higher order as he attains freedom and travels and explores the depth of the outer and the inner world [physical and spiritual]. He becomes a Master when he conquers both the inner and outer world and then centers himself. A teacher who teaches and follows what he teaches becomes the Supreme Teacher. A student who recognizes such a teacher and submits to Him becomes a supreme student and He becomes Supreme Teacher in turn. The relations between the supreme teacher and student could be described by a father and son relationship. Father gives everything about him into the control of his son.


The Supreme teacher is the one who has the highest perception and thus has the absolute cognition of everything. He is above time. He is the center of the circle. There cannot be a second center to a circle. Only the center can perceive every minute disturbance in any part instantaneously.  The center is the God. He is Supreme student as well as Supreme Teacher. From it everything emerges to which everything should merge to begin again. He is knowledge or light that governs the whole. No human can become God. The position of human is to the left or right of the center. But he can transform though the center to perceive the knowledge and thus get initialized. What human perceives, what knowledge human acquires as he transforms is predetermined by what he seeks.  The Vedic knowledge of the east, considered to be the Goldmine of Knowledge, describes the limit of what human beings as a teacher can teach. The Guru  [teacher] of Vedic time is a master of both the external world and internal world. He is a balance of both material and spiritual knowledge. The kings are trained under such teacher and teacher remains guide above the king making sure the balance or justice exists.


This Guru of Vedas takes the student along many doors but leaves you at the last door. The last door is left for the student to tap and open to find the true knowledge. It is stated that as the door opens every student utters a word  “This is not”. Which speaks negative result and failure. This failure describes a truth that the true knowledge exists beyond the mind and shows the inability of humans to seek true knowledge and thus conquer time or death. The cause lies in the fact that humans seek knowledge with a “self” or predetermined objective or a seed. The center holds the Absolute Knowledge or fire [ Bramha Jyothi or the Spirit of God]. As one enters this fire with a seed he gets only partially burnt. He is left with residues and his perception becomes in complete. Thus Vedas and at its core teach us the art of conquering death by self-sacrifice. It tell us that creation occurred through the self-sacrifice of the creator and creator acts from time to time to save his creation and lead it in a pre-determined path. My research has led me to locate Creation in Calvary. Calvary depicts a full self-sacrifice that is impossible to mankind because of his position and make. Calvary depicts a point in time cycle when a possible gravitational collapse was averted to give New-Life to the pulsating universe. It is the small perturbation that gave new breath to the universe. The direction of time directed to the center and death was averted and a new time cycle was conceived.  The call of Christ was not to create any religion but to follow his path to enter a New Life. The Second Coming is the birth of New Time that was conceived. It happens as the wave associated with the quantum world touches the outer limit.


 The Truth of Knowledge and Time cycle

The knowledge is a tree that goes in time cycles. A tree takes birth form two [male and female] which becomes one [embryo] only to divide into two to give rise to a whole tree. It has multiplicative growth and reductive growth. The knowledge that science has contributed is multiplicative growth. The truth and the secret of conquering time and death exist in reductive growth that the spiritual science speaks to us. The future belongs to the seed that drop to earth. A truth that exists next to our skin is the cycles of time. There is 24 hour cycle, that is embedded 15 days cycles, 30 days cycles, 12 month cycle, 12 years cycle and so on. This means the universe had a beginning in time, has an end and a new beginning. How this universal time began and how it ends to begin again is fundamental question that human intellect [both scientists and spiritualists] is very dearly seeking.


The modern world, its knowledge system, its institutions teaches the vegetative growth not the living reductive growth. We train the young minds in various universities limiting their capacity to certain branch to make vegetative advancement. The materialistic knowledge that the system is promoting is failing to note an obvious truth that all trees have a life span. It is bound to collapse in time. Much of the problems of the modern world have its root in material knowledge that is not supported and balanced by spiritual knowledge and moral growth.


The Truth is that the Universe is created in cycle of Light or Knowledge and Knowledge brings order. It exists in two states one in which light rules, in the other the light gives way to darkness. The knowledge cycle is comparable to day and night cycle. There is peak for light, when the truth reveals and everything becomes  “self” ordered and laws comes into effect. The laws come into being to stall the disorder and darkness. But the cycle of time is inevitable, mankind in time breaks the law and falls to darkness and thus moves into disorder and when darkness peaks, the seed of light emerges to ensure the defeat of darkness and initialization of everything back into light or knowledge. What this means is that time and its direction is bound to change and true knowledge is bound to get revealed such that order returns to the world. It should be noted the Vedic period is the most enlightened period of the time cycle. It could be compared to the entry into Kingdom of God and a life one with God or nature. The Vedic scholars have struggled to keep this living knowledge afloat, by transmitting the knowledge in various forms that could be understood by the mind of a common man.


There two possible directions of time. One when the time direction tends to the limit to the center and the other when the time direction tends to the periphery. We are in the second state some where in the boundary where time change can occur any time. The knowledge that my teacher, guide and charioteer gave me is the way to survive this collapse and change in direction of time. It tells me that every system in nature both inanimate and animate can spontaneously survive this universal time change. The only exception is human kind whose mind with a conquering motive and corruption breaks the laws and drive time to its dead end and destruction. Common sense tells us this world with all the conquering motive, corruption and lack of Justice and order cannot go on forever like this. Time and disorder that is peaking should give way to order and Initialization of Time. If Vedas, Bible, Koran, Mayan Knowledge and such ancient knowledge systems are true we are fast approaching a catastrophic period. Here the Mayan Knowledge that has clearly marked 2012 December as the end of time calls for special attention since many scientific reports shows that the solar system is becoming increasingly unstable. The year 2012 coincides with a pole shift and rare solar events. [See article 2012, Universal Quantum Wave Collapse] The 24th solar cycle is supposed to peak at this time and it is predicted to be intense. [See this link http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/060510_sun_conveyor.html]


The only way to survive this instability and surpass the universal time and associated catastrophes is to dispel the stress force building up. And this cannot happen unless mankind realizes the true knowledge of nature and it’s functioning. Many scientists and most spiritualists paint a grim end to human existence. The knowledge revealed to me by my guiding spirit, the Loving Father and Mother, is of hope and way to over come the time change and its catastrophes. Life never works to die. The living universe works to survive. The basis of Creation is Love. At Calvary the Supreme has paid the price to win over death and we have a promise that his spirit will lead us Kingdom of God.  The time and the associated catastrophes that precede the time change are trying to speak the whole truth of nature so that mankind can awake to survive. I am tempted here to recall how the great Ayurveda and Upanishad views disease. It views disease as a product of wrong action. It views disease as a spiritual opportunity and highest form of Tapas [ascetism], where the soul is directing its energy within such that the truth of life and the truth of once own self can be revealed. It is when we understand our self that we understand the universal self. The Universal Self is Love that binds everything into one.


It is more than two decade since the energy of the soul directed my mind to seek the truth, traveling the realm of science and spirituality like a pendulum that is accelerating to reach its end and return to the state of stillness at the center, to discover myself, have a glimpse of the truth of nature and the time cycle and to realize the duty to which I am called for.


I have made elaborate attempts in the site to take the truth revealed to me to reach out to two divergent vortexes [scientific and religious] that are clashing. I have tried to brings forth a new foundation to science that explains every developments in science sensibly and goes ahead to explain the inter relationship and oneness not only of the different branches of science but unify it with spiritual reality of nature. There should be some communication gap between my expression and your perception, but that can be over come by interaction.


The fundamental design, the fundamental principle, the process of quantum action and reaction and the forces guiding it, which have remained unanswered is put forth in a sensible manner. The qualitative reality behind the quantum world is explored opening new realm of knowledge and opportunities.  They are discussed at length in the site. The articles, “Fundamental design and Principle”,  “Fundamental Particle”,  “Quantum World”  “Intelligent Design”, “Beyond Genes”,  “Physics of Soul”, “Structure of Consciousness and Intelligence”, “Quantum Dance and Physics of Creation”, “Objective and Subjective Reality” and so on leads you to this truth. The fundamental concept of science such as gravity, mass, charge, force etc is reviewed and presented sensibly such that it does not contradict the developments in science but goes to cause the unification of all the objective and subjective knowledge to reveal the unity and thus expose the truth that can give life and order to endangered world.


The Simple Truth of Nature and Life ”“ The Gist of the Foundation of Real Knowledge


Truth has to be approached from a plat form of true freedom. When we isolate our “self” [conquering motive and corruption] and observe nature from a point freedom two aspects stand out


1] The truth of nature is the product of two opposing forces that are one. One creates disorder and the other creates order. They form a unity that cannot be separated and form the two opposing time directions of nature. It gives the winding and unwinding [contracting and expanding] or pulsating aspect of nature. At any moment the system exist in one of the phase, tending to order or tending to disorder and the other exist in a recessive form opposing and stabilizing the system and ready to take over when the system is pushed to the limit. Here time it self becomes the force pushing the system to the limit. There are two limits in space to all systems in nature one towards the center, the other to the out side. This quantum action of two opposing force that is universal to all the enclosed systesm and the whole is described in the site at length.


2] The universe is one whole system that enclose many systems [both animate and inanimate] all of them are guided by the same two forces. The pulse of systems that are enclosed in it, is related and influenced by the pulse of the environment and thus is related to the universal system.


3] The universe is designed in such manner that it is balanced by the two forces. When the life and matter in the west awakes to light, unwinds and creates disorder, the life and matter of east meets darkness and sleeps [winds] to gain order and vice-versa. This helps the system to balance it self. This means the ordering process or control of life and matter exist beyond both matter and life in the design and designer or Intelligent Design. The truth of nature and creation exists in the design and separation of one into two realities, the spiritual and physical. It can be expressed in terms of number 8 with left or right twist and flow. One law – that is not to seek the center, guides it. But when the law gets broken time gets directed to the center and death. [Pulse wanes to minimum] A change in time direction and new creation becomes a necessity. As the time tend to the periphery the number 8 momentarily opens and collapses back changing the direction of the flow and initializes it self. This is the fundamental process of nature and time that guides all system in nature and the whole universal system. Mankind who breaks the law becomes the driving force of time. Because of his mind he becomes preoccupied with conquering motive and corruption and works to  break all laws to attain material gains and gets caught in a huge vortex of self destruction. The consciousness of the living world now gets forced to open up and change the direction of the flow with in it. This could be destructive to human race unless it gains the true knowledge. The only hope is the Grace of the creator and the perceiver who is controlling it.


4] Close observation tells us that the mankind who seeks knowledge with “self” [conquering motive and corruption] stands apart from all other life and material system and he in fact becomes the force driving the time to its dead end.


5] The Universe seems to be controlled by single law not to seek the center. The death lies in the center. [Gravitational Collapse]. Any mind that takes the path of corruption directs himself to death, so too is the mind that conquers with “self” as motive. All mind with “self” creates a time direction to death. So the ancient spiritual knowledge systems written in Vedas, Bible, Koran very much elaborates on the boundaries of “self”, moral values and teaches to respect and abide laws. They describe God as an entity restoring the Law and Justice.


6] The most important aspect of nature is time and its cycles. Nature composes of many time cycles [pulsation] one being hidden in the other. The most evident is 24 hour time cycle that decides the day and night cycle, this is enclosed in the subtle, 15 days, monthly, six monthly, yearly [that decides the seasons], 12 yearly and so on. This means the cycle should have a beginning and end. In other words the system has least quantum pulse and maximum quantum pulse [limits tending to zero and one]. Both these points are critical and need time reversal for perpetuation.


7] The zero is the limit to the center or the death when the pulse tends to zero. The supreme law implemented by the designer, the perceiver of the whole, forbids seeking the center with corrupt and conquering motive. But mind of man under his “self” [conquering and corrupt motive] tend to this zero breaking the barriers of design and the law of the designer. The perpetual existence of the universal system now necessitates intervention of the designer to save the universe and create a new time cycle and initialize it.

8] All the living system is designed in such a way that it conquers time and perpetuates the pulse and life. Could it be possible that the universal time is conquered and is initialized in similar way?  The site explores the quantum design, the principle governing it, how systems are inter related and concludes that the designer has designed everything in his own image and conquers time in exactly the same way life conquers time and perpetuates. This conclusion brings us to the truths written in Vedas, Bible, Mayan Knowledge, Koran bringing the unity of objective and subjective knowledge.