December Birthstones: Zircon, Tanzanite, & Turquoise

When it comes to displaying the birthstone associated with the month of December, you will have your choice between three different stones; all of them offering various shades of blue, as well as other spectacular colors, shapes, and sizes. While one variety is less common, there are two others that are rather easy to locate. In this article, we will take a look at the brilliant colors and characteristics of the gemstones, zircon, tanzanite, and turquoise.




In reference to this gemstone with such a versatile assortment of colors, specimens can be found in shades of blue, orange, brown, green, yellow, and even without any color. The most revered color of them all is actually red. This gem was so attractive that is the colorless version was used when something wished to wear a diamond but could not afford to buy one. Zircon made a rather striking substitute and was known to could easily fool some.


When it comes to the powers associated with zircon, it was thought to possess the ability to relieve pain, as well as increase appetites. It was also used as a protective measure for travelers, who wished to avoid injury and disease. When guests are expected, zircon was used to ensure that their welcoming and stay was desirable. It was also used as a way to prevent nightmares from occurring once an individual retired for the night. Some believed that the gem could ensure a restful and deep sleep. Harvesting of the gemstone is achieved in parts of Thailand, Cambodia, as well as the southern section of Vietnam.




During the late 60s, this deep violet-blue shade of gemstone was discovered in Tanzania and is curiously found only in a small section of this vast world. It is a unique find whenever happening upon this specimen. Most of the shades of the gemstone are achieved through a process of heat treatments, which produces shade of purple and blue.


When it comes to purchasing the finest of gems in this family, acquiring the slight shade of violet and blue is desired. Although costing less than sapphires, it is tanzanite that is considered a worthy alternative. Throughout the years, the gemstone has climbed the ranks of popularity, as more and more people are starting to pay attention to the beauty and allure of this gem.




The name of this December birthstone comes from a French expression with a history that can be traced back to the 13th century. Throughout the ages, this stone is regarded as one of the oldest known gemstones to mankind. There is a wide-range of sizes and colors that turquoise can be found, including greenish blue, as well as other attractive shades of blue, such as robin’s egg blue and sky blue. The stone can also appear translucent, as well as opaque.


There is no shortage of turquoise as it can be found throughout the world and is abundant in nature. In jewelry, the stone is used to create beads and carvings, and is most popular in the southwestern part of the United States.